Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Rabbit Shooters Of Terang

On evenings in Spring and late Summer many a loud bang
Of rabbit shooters guns in the countryside around Terang
There are even more rabbits than people in old Terang Town
Often seen in the backyards between twilight and sundown

Few young people in Terang Town ever do stay
They move to the bigger Towns of Colac and Warrnambool where there is much bigger pay
Terang a Town that depends on the farming community to survive
Few towns without big industry are known for to thrive

Terang as a whole is a welcoming place
And the locals there known to be a friendly race
Though with an aging population of it one can say
And few ever go there for a holiday.

A place where wild bunnies have never been rare
Near Terang and in Terang Town itself of them more than a share
And when i say where rabbits are plentiful rabbit shooters not few
You may say to this do tell us what is new

In the long evenings of Spring and Summer and the Fall of the year
The loud echo of the shooters guns one does hear
As the rabbits do scatter with every loud bang
In Victoria's south west near the Town of Terang.

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