Friday, November 4, 2016

Their Minds Are Darkened To Light

In recent times outlawed as terrorists by the Governments of Britain and Ireland the I R A
Do seem rather timid when compared to the terrorists of today
For so called religious people it does seem rather odd
That they deliberately target maim and kill people in the name of their god

It must be an extremely violent god that to they do kneel, bow and pray
Or they must be mentally unstable in a very dangerous way
Of such violent extremists humanity is not in need
Without their sort the Human World would be far safer and better to live in indeed

It can be said of any individual you are on what you believe
But by their murdering and maiming they will never succeed on what they set out to achieve
That by their actions they are mentally unbalanced does seem obviously clear
Since they fail to realize that love always conquers fear

The violent criminals who believe they have god on their side
But because of them so many good people have been maimed for life or died
They lack in goodness and compassion which comes from insight
And the windows of their minds are darkened to light.

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