Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We Grieve For Ourselves

We grieve for ourselves when we grieve for the dead
For our own mortality and of us what lay ahead
For even those who to a god kneel for to pray
Have no wish to be where dead people lay

Few do go through life without bearing some cross
And we grieve for ourselves for our own sense of loss
Sorrow is mentally painful and it's feelings run deep
But the dead do not hear us when for them we weep

When at the grave of a loved one we shed tears of grief
We weep for ourselves this only my belief
The dead past all cares and worries our sobs cannot hear
It is only the living their own mortality fear

I have wept for deceased family and friends in the flesh i will never more see
But i have come to realize that the one i was grieving for was only me
How human feelings work is far beyond me to explain
Only know that the deceased dead to feelings cannot know of our mental pain

We weep for ourselves when we weep for a deceased family member or friend
Whose journey in life for them has come to an end
This is only my opinion with which most of with would not agree
But then we all look at things one might say differently.

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