Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Without Luck This Well Might Be Me

One prosthetic leg attached to his right knee
Without luck on my side this well could be me
Perhaps in his seventies one who seemed far from strong
With the aid of a walking stick on the footpath he slowly hobbled along
If financially poor or well off how could i know to say
Though well dressed with short clipped hair on his balding head of gray
In passing me on the footpath he smiled and wished me a good day
This braver man than me in every way
Many people i know often like to complain
Of their worries and cares and lack of financial gain
Though physically, mentally and financially okay and in life doing quite well
In their negative thinking they create for themselves their own Earthly Hell
With a prosthetic leg attached to his right knee
I thought to myself without luck this well might be me.

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