Saturday, November 19, 2016

Your Thoughts

You have thousands of thoughts in your mind every day and few of them to others are known
Your thoughts one of the free things in your life and all of your thoughts are your own
Some of your thoughts with others you wish to share and some of them you wish to hide
The thoughts that you do keep to yourself to you are not a sense of pride
The one who does not have a thought in his or her head not in the World for to find
There are positive as well as negative thoughts in everybody's mind
Our dreams in life derived from thoughts though few dreams do ever come true
Though aspirations in life that we do have on our life's journey we do pursue
So many thoughts are in our minds perhaps thousands every day
But most thoughts are not permanent and few of them with us does stay
Every day in my mind so many thoughts and doubtless in your mind too
And in this respect all others are the same as me and as well as you
It is a fact us humans are known to think a lot and fact does never lie
And your mind will be full of thoughts until the day you do die.

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