Thursday, December 8, 2016

Because Of Us

Because of us animals suffer the animals we kill for their meat
And on this i am as guilty as the butchers since the cooked flesh of slaughtered creatures i eat
The battery fowl raised in cages, the pigs born and raised in crates
The cattle fattened in crowded feedlots their meat is for our dinner plates
Many of the birds and animals slaughtered to feed us meat eaters not treated in a humane way
And since i am one of the meat eaters some part in their suffering i do play
I am not proud that i am a meat and fish eater like many addicted to eating cooked flesh one might say
Just one of the millions of hypocritical people in the Human World of today
If all animals and birds to be slaughtered for human consumption were treated in a humane way
Perhaps they would have had lived a good life and to many this would seem okay
Many of us humans cruel to other life forms and many creatures by us treated bad
Which does reflect on us quite poorly and this to say the least seems sad
And since i too am a meat eater this is not an honor to my name
Just like the butcher and the slaughterer for their suffering i must take some blame.

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