Monday, December 12, 2016

If She Or He

If she or he does look well it does not mean that physically they feel this way
Since that looks can deceive seems only true to say
One cannot judge a car by the body since the engine of the car may not be running well
Of any flaws under the bonnet only a motor mechanic can tell
Though our eyes only tell us what our eyes want us to believe
The outward appearance can very often deceive
For his age the fittest looking and healthiest looking man in the town
As an over fifty years champion middle distance runner he knew of renown
But he looked better than he felt it would seem true to say
He collapsed and died of a massive heart attack and was buried today
But that appearance can often deceive it does seem this way
He has run his last race and at peace now does lay
A champion athlete he was one who used to run very fast
But death only leaves us with the memories of the deceased one's past.

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