Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Jenny's Brown Hen

The death of a brown hen to most people would not be a tragedy
But Jenny with this would never agree
As she reversed her car in the backyard her favorite pet she did not see
Crushed by the back wheel death did come suddenly
To Jenny's isa brown hen who under earth now lay
The death of her feathered pet brought sadness to her day
As she dug a shallow grave there were tears in her eyes
The death of a feathered friend to sadness in her gave rise
But accidents happen and death can come in many a way
And that life does go on only true to say
Death in it's many forms sorrow with it does bring
And to weep at the loss of a non human friend is not an unnatural thing
It may have been an accident but Jenny took it bad
And the death of her favorite brown hen has left her feeling sad.

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