Monday, December 26, 2016

Maureen Phibbs

To be a Hickey of Gortnacreha is one of her claims to fame
And as an Irish historian hers is a great name
One of the children of the long deceased Molly and Con
Who were much loved in Cullen in Seasons long gone

Maureen Phibbs as a historian is known far and wide
And to the people of Cullen in Duhallow she remains a sense of pride
Though her life's journey took her to places elsewhere
To far greater fame in the big World out there

A credit to Cullen of her one can say
And quite an honorable person in every way
Of conceit and guile she is one who seems free
And that she has not lost her Duhallow accent seems amazing to me

She may not have lived in Cullen in Duhallow for many a year
But her interview on tape uploaded by Michael Cashman on the Millstreet Web Site is a joy for to hear
Though fame on her life's journey of she has come to know
She retains her humility and the inner glow

Since the life's journey in Gortnacreha for her began
She has achieved so much in a seven decades plus span
Among the historians of Ireland hers is a great name
Yet she remains down to earth despite her success and fame.

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