Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve Twenty Sixteen

The now for us is all that does matter in the dying hours of twenty sixteen
Tomorrow will be the dawn of a new year and today a memory of what has been
Tonight people will be celebrating in towns and cities Worldwide
But the poor will not be celebrating since they are at the wrong end of the social divide
No reason to be celebrating for the hungry and homeless and the financially down
Tonight there will not be music and singing and dancing on their dark and drear side of the town
No they will not be celebrating since they have nothing for to celebrate
One needs plenty money for a good time and to party with others till late
With what many take for granted in life they have to go without
Can one expect them to feel happy when they have nothing to feel happy about
Tonight they will sleep in disused buildings unfit for a cow or a sheep
Without food or a bed or blankets for comfort and on empty stomachs try to sleep
Tonight people will be celebrating the ending of another year
But in the slums on the unlit streets no music and song for to hear.

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