Saturday, December 17, 2016

Of Bourke St Mall

Of Bourke St Mall in Melbourne Victoria Australia there can be little doubt
That it is one of the most multicultural parts of the World to go on walk about
As a multicultural shopping mall it has won Worldwide renown
For it's people of most creeds and nationalities and races of black white and brown
And of all sorts of people from Countries Worldwide
Many Melbournians of their multicultural City take a certain pride
Bourke St shopping mall in multicultural Melbourne does take pride of place
As a spot that is frequented by people of many a race
No racial tension between different races of people there shoppers among each other get along fine
Of racism of any sort there i have never witnessed any sign
A City that in racial tolerance does lead the way
Melbourne in Victoria one of the great multicultural cities of the World of today
And in Bourke St Mall where the shoppers in huge numbers to do throng
People of many Nations with each other quite amazingly do get along.

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