Saturday, December 24, 2016


A story to tell for his every hair of gray
He has learned from life of Ron one can say
His memories take him back more than seven decades in time
To his boyhood years long before he reached his physical prime

Some very sad memories are with him today
Of the war he fought in from home far away
So many of his young comrades who fought by his side
In the foreign fields are buried where they died

The bad memories he wishes to forget he retain
And the mental scars with him till death will remain
On his return from war into depressive moods he did sink
And for solace he turned to alcoholic drink

The woman he loved due to his alcohol addiction would not become his wife
She married and had children one of his sad memories in life
Without a woman or children he grows old on his own
Of the sorrows of life he is one who has known

Ron in his eighties is not a member of the town's returned soldiers club
But every evening he goes for a few drinks to the local pub
As a young man he fought in a war far away
And he has a story to tell for his every hair of gray.

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