Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Changed Man

For his achievements a down to earth bloke of the sporting great often was said
But over time he has become a changed man praise it has gone to his head
For his loss of humility one must assume that the praise of his fans is to blame
It can do strange things to the human mind this thing that is known as fame
A champion sportsman in the decades long gone and feted as a legend of today
Not the humble person that he used to be old timers of him do say
Friends he grew up with in the long gone years nowadays he does not wish of to know
Years of praise from his impressionable fans has caused his ego to grow
Now in his seventies and a grand dad admired by many as a legend of the town
No longer the unassuming fellow he used to be suppose this is his price for renown
When he was younger many years ago he had his ego under control
Decades of praise of his admiring fans on his former humility has taken toll
His former friends in the local pub say fame it has gone to his head
His ego swollen from decades of praise and humility in him is dead.

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