Friday, December 9, 2016

The Saying Of Self Praise Is No Praise

The saying of self praise is no praise remains as ever true
Leave it to others to praise you if praise is your due
Though self praise nowadays does seem the in thing
And so many only too willing their own praises to sing
Among narcissistic people big egos are rife
The people who believe they are greater than their gift of life
Their love of self goes far beyond a healthy sense of self esteem
As a love of self does lead to a love of others is how it does seem
Narcissism can come from love of self taken too far
But as is said of people we are what we are
Some like to sing their own praises every day
But we all have our human flaws as some do like to say
What causes an extreme love of self is beyond me to explain
And self praise is no praise as a truism remain.

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