Thursday, December 1, 2016

Those Who Do Give

The one willing to help one of helping in need
For his or her future good karma is planting the seed
Though she or he may never become a hero or heroine of the town
Since most kind and compassionate people are strangers to renown

But their sort of people i can only admire
And of singing their praises i never could tire
For those doing it tough they try to make the World better to live in
To be kind and compassionate is never a sin

To down in their luck people comfort they try to give
For self only the kind and compassionate never do live
They help the homeless, the hungry and the refugee
It is a rare gift the gift of empathy

In the helping of others they often go out of their way
And they do a good deed sometimes more every day
Just for the love of it never for monetary pay
The World is in need of more of their sort only true for to say

They do have a rare gift the compassionate and kind
For to help those in need of helping always willingly inclined
On a fair go for everyone in they do believe
And all of those who do give can expect to receive.

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