Monday, December 12, 2016

You Are One With Plenty Money

You are one with plenty money to give you your due
And money in life is most important is only too true
You live at a fashionable uptown address
But despite your money and material assets the reaper of lives you cannot impress
As life's reaper does treat everyone as the same
The homeless and poor and those of money and fame
Yet that money is most important in life only too true to say
And those without it are the poor of the World of today
Homeless and hungry and often sleeping rough
And you with plenty money is one who has never known it tough
And since any of the comforts of life of you will never go in need
You are one of the privileged and quite lucky indeed
But the one you cannot bribe with your money treats all lives as the same
The one who is known as Life's Reaper by name.

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