Monday, October 31, 2016

In The Bendigo City Botanical Gardens

In the Bendigo City Botanical Gardens for it's beautiful trees of many countries in renown
The roosting fruit bats in their thousands on bare branches hanging upside down
The smell of their muskiness from the higher trees
Comes wafting through the parkland in the freshening breeze
And one or two of them at intervals do fly
For to roost on branch more to their liking nearby
At nightfall from their roosting trees they do fly
Beyond the City through kilometers of sky
In search of fruit bearing trees and return at break of day
To the Botanical Gardens for their daylight stay
The roosting fruit bats in Bendigo's Botanical Gardens only one of Nature's wonders for to see
But of there i carry the memory with me
Of the fruit bats in their thousands roosting upside down
Of dark bodies and gray heads and necks of russet brown.

To Karma We Pay

To karma we pay for the wrongs that we do
Treat others as you would like them to treat you
A positive meaning in live and let live
And in life to receive you must know how to give
One of the sources of poverty is material greed
The wealthy who never think of those in need
The millionaires who only live for me, myself and i
Whilst poverty stricken people every day of malnutrition do die
In a Human World where poor people as ever are not rare
So many are poor for every millionaire
Every man and woman for himself or herself and god for us all
Is only in the words of those who in their thinking are small
But death makes all equal only seems true to say
This is how it is and will always be this way.

Into Good Circumstance

Oh you who were born into good circumstance
In life you are one who has had every chance
Of knowing of material and financial success
You have what it takes most people to impress
The only child of parents each a multi billionaire
Of their Highly profitable businesses they have given to you a one third share
Of how lucky you are you do not seem to realize
And with those doing it tough how could you empathize?
The annual company profits with each passing year grow
Of how tough life can be for some you will never know
You drive around in a brand new mercedes car
Without having to work for it on the social ladder you have climbed far
With so many friends you were born under a lucky star
But you will never know of who your true friends are.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Red Is The Color

People of every color and nationality and creed
Red is the color of our blood when we bleed
The presidents the royals the celebrities and billionaire
With the poorest of the poor one thing in common do share
That their blood it is red in all it is the same
The wealthy and renowned and the strangers to fame
Of every nationality in every town
Of every shade of skin color of black, white and brown
Red is the blood in their veins that does flow
I only say here what everyone does know
The privileged classes the so called highly bred
Like the hungry and homeless their blood it is red
And since death is a thing everyone has to face
There is no such a thing as a superior race.

A Lot Left To Desire

The impressionable masses you may well impress
And in their thinking you are a great success
But majority thinking does not always have it right
Since many into materialism seem lacking on insight
Money does not make anyone more compassionate and kind
Or to helping of others any more inclined
The size of your home your swimming pool, boat or brand new car
Does not tell us of the person that you are
To be one of those known as the well to do
Does not make a better and superior person of you
Than a poor person who does a good deed every day
And to help one worse off go out of their way
The impressionable masses you may well admire
Though in many of them there is a lot left to desire.

They Have To Think

They have to think my heart is made of wood
Those who dismiss my rhyming efforts as no good
To be made to feel unworthy of literary criticism for any writer is not nice
But suppose most things in life on them do have some price

I do meet quite unfeeling people every day
But what we dislike in others we see in ourselves seems true to say
That the pen is mightier than the sword it well may be
Words meant to hurt leave mental scars it seems to me

From life we learn something new every day
This is how it is and will always be this way
I have learned a bit on ten years with three score
And have come to realize that hurtful words can leave a festering mental sore

I am far from a perfect being of this i know
One sadly lacking of the inner glow
But near to perfect people as always in the few
And this is not saying anything that is new

They have to think my heart is made of wood
Those who do dismiss my rhymes as no good
And though i know my rhymes will never bring me wealth or fame
Like all others i too have feelings just the same.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mt Franklin

From the nearest Towns Guildford and Daylesford more than shouting distance away
Mt Franklin a nice place for a camping holiday
Surrounded by trees on the higher ground
Where the beauty of Nature in all Seasons abound
Home to wallaby, wombat and gray kangaroo
And the big dark brown parrots known as yellow tailed black cockatoo
Their distinctive wee yu calls floating in the breeze
They live on the dark seeds in the pine cones of the monterey pine trees
As a place close to Nature where camping is permissible it is widely known
Mt Franklin it does have a charm of it's own
The soft humming calls of the bronze winged pigeons so pleasant to hear
In a place that to Earthly Utopia does seem very near
On Mt Franklin between Guildford and Daylesford Town
Of Central Victoria a jewel in the crown.

Since You Have Not

Since you have not harmed them in any way
Why worry if unkind things others of you do say
The judgmental till death as judgmental do stay
Just leave them to Karma their sins for to pay
And though as is said their dreams for some never come true
You have your own dreams in life for to pursue
But one fact of life and fact never does lie
As air breathing mortals we are born to die
The praises of the wealthy and famous many do sing
But success in itself is a relative thing
If you do live to be the best you can be
And treat people fairly as well as equally
Then in life you are one who is doing okay
And better things from you are not far away.

Claraghatlea Where I Was Born

Claraghatlea where i was born far north of here and far away
Where i did spend most of my childhood and first looked on the light of day
Where today to most people i would be a stranger many there would not know me
Where i was known to everybody in the long gone used to be

Claraghatlea where i was born it is a grand old place
Where everyone to everyone is a familiar face
Mine to many a familiar face in Millstreet long ago
But time that does rust iron has since become my foe

The old fields i loved of Claraghatlea i know today would look the same
As when i lived there three decades back some of them even had their own given name
The people like Nature's Seasons come and go but the land it does remain
On my flights of fancy i often visit my first home place again

Claraghatlea where i was born in view of high Claramore
Thousands of kilometers even by the shortest route north of this southern shore
In Spring near where Finnow the white river goes babbling along
Male robin with the orange colored breast sings his familiar song.

Friday, October 28, 2016

We All End Up As Losers

The Stateless and the homeless the alcoholics and the drug abusers
Are all equal to the billionaire at life's journeys end since we all end up as losers
The Reaper of lives who claims the lives of everyone is the great equalizer
Though many grow greedier in their minds with age and too few do grow wiser
In a World of climate and war refugees the unwanted of any nation
The wars between the disciples of the human created gods for their plight partly an explanation
In a World where for the crimes of the wealthy few the poor are made for to suffer
And for the millions in extreme poverty life even getting tougher
Our bad treatment of Mother Earth we depend on to live seems way beyond excusing
Yet we have not learned from our ancestral mistakes since her we keep abusing
In wars and human induced Global Warming that leads to droughts and famines Mother Earth we keep attacking
And despite our scientific and technological advances in common sense we seem lacking
The very wealthy far more so than the poor are Mother Earth's main abusers
Yet despite their greed at life journey's end they too end up as losers.

Ben And Jill

Jill in her twenties says she likes men
To be well built and muscular like her neighbor Ben
The new age feminine types are not for her
The real looking men are the sort she prefer

She does fancy Ben in quite a big way
But between them it is only hello and good day
For Ben to chat up women seems rather shy
And why he does not have a female lover she does wonder why?

Joe one she does know single and twenty nine
Asked her on a date but his offer she did decline
Not her type of man not broad shouldered and tall
And his sort of male does not attract her at all

At present for Ben she only has eyes
And to her friends her liking for him she does not disguise
And why Ben on her any interest does not show
She thinks he is shy and hard to get to know

She little realizes that tall and handsome Ben who looks a man in every way
Unbeknownst to most is a closet gay
He does have a secret male lover named Jim
And a woman as a sexual partner does not appeal to him.

Before The Human Being Walks

Before the human being walks the human being must learn how to crawl
And from baby to toddler there is many a fall
We do learn as we live until our dying day
And we never stop learning it does seem this way
Long after the last breath of air from my body has gone
The battle of life for others will go on
Even the financially affluent are not free of worry and care
She or he not one of a rare breed the unhappy millionaire
For your battles you do not need to go to a war zone from where you live far
Every day you have your personal battles to fight where you are
The human fight for survival surely began
With the birth of the first woman and the first man
Life will go on though all people eventually do die
Since the fact is we are all born as mortals and fact never lie.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

So Many Of Life

So many of life with sad stories to tell
Of battling the odds in their own Earthly Hell
So many Homeless and Stateless and hungry and sleeping rough at night
For millions of people life is an uphill fight
In a Human World where poverty does come at varying degrees
There is a said thirty million of Stateless refugees
The number of the dispossessed rising by the day
And this does seem a very sad thing to say
In every big town and city there is a poverty street
Where people for survival every day have a new challenge to meet
And where many are homeless and hungry and destined to die young
They live as they will die forgotten and unsung
The children of very poor parents due to birth circumstance
Of any success in life they do stand little chance.

Castlemaine On An October Evening

In and around Castlemaine that is often so brown and so dry
Where beauty and greenery today meets the eye
On this the thirteenth of October two thousand and sixteen
I have never seen central Victoria so green
On a beautiful day in the prime of the Spring
The birds on the sunlit leafy trees chirp, whistle and sing
Nature at her greenest and healthiest after recent heavy rain
With such natural beauty how could one complain
Yesterday was raining today the sky is blue sunny and clear
The weather changes quickly at this time of year
Such natural beauty that writers and artists inspire
Of singing Nature's praises could one ever tire
The sun out and shining and wildflowers are blooming after the recent rain
On a beautiful evening in old Castlemaine.

The Avoca River

The Avoca River in stormwater of brown
Recently overflowed in the park by Avoca Town
As it raged on it's journey to the Pacific far away
In the flattened grass of the park signs of where the flood has been today
A waterway honored in song, story and rhyme
It was very old even in the Dreamtime
How old are the waterways would anyone know
Through thousands of centuries of time from the foothills they flow
To the faraway ocean by night and by day
On their meanderings journeys through the flat-lands they stray
On a journey for them to be forever more
Their waters do flow to the great ocean shore
The Avoca River does babble on down
Through the green sunlit park by old Avoca Town.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Andy In His Late Twenties

It is his journey in life that brought him to this place
That where to the majority his is a stranger's face
He works in the town superstore in his job he may not stay
Since the bug of wander it is in him for places far away
Without any children or a partner he never had a wife
Andy in his late twenties does not have ties in his life
Yet such a very good person moral and honest in every way
He always works for a living and earns his every pay
He may find love on his travels in some city or town
Someone he may wish to live with raise children and settle down
Where he is now he may well live for another month or two
Since he has in him a yearn to travel this is what he was born to do
Andy in his late twenties will never become a millionaire
Though his type to say the least are becoming rare.

Old Ned

In his younger days he was carefree and bold
But time as is said leaves the best of them old
On his balding head his once dark hair silver gray
And surely he has known of a far better day

Three ex wives fifteen children and forty grandchildren to his name
Perhaps in itself in this is some claim to fame
Now in his mid eighties and the clock ticking on
He still enjoys the booze though his best years long gone

In his young years he drank hard and he worked hard and he was good in bed
But time has made an old man out of old Ned
Yet in the local pub on Saturday evening of music and song
He enjoy his beer and joins in the sing along

Most of the women he made love to in eternal rest lay
They too had their innings since life is this way
And Ned in his twilight years lives without any regret
And nothing in his past he wishes for to forget

Single in his old age yet he is carefree
For the young not a role model though such he does not wish to be
He drank hard and he worked hard and he was good in bed
And though old not frail looking their is more life in Ned.

On Receiving C D's From Breeda Rahilly

A gift of two c d 's from Breeda Rahilly on tape singing with her sister Marie
The marvelous singing Diamond Sisters of Duhallow her gift means so much to me
A migrant of the Boggeraghs the old hills far away
These mere words could never thank her for bringing joy to my day

The beautiful singing voices so melodious and clear
Of the talented Diamond Sisters always a joy to hear
The best of old Duhallow of them one has to say
Their latest c d quite a gem i like it better with every play

My better days behind me since i am an aging man
But of the singing Diamond Sisters i will always be a fan
Until the reaper of lives comes to claim the life from me
Sometime in the future whenever this will be

To send me c d's of their latest Diamond Sister offering of Breeda such a generous and spontaneous thing
To do since a flutter of joy from far away her gift to me did bring
Their music and Duhallow singing voices to them have such a melodious ring
One can say of the Diamond Sisters that they were born to sing

The gift of two c d's the best of the Diamond Sisters from Breeda Rahilly i do appreciate
My favorite Duhallow singing duo among the best they do rate
They have brought a slice of pleasure to a migrant Millstreet man
And i can say in all honesty that in me they have a fan.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

So Little Of Life's Ways

So little of life's ways i can claim for to know
But since i left the fields of the silver backed crow
I have learned a bit something new every day
We never stop learning it does seem this way

I cannot say i have been there and done that
Though i have worked in pipeline crews in old Ballarat
A hard way to earn a living the easiest day tough
A few Seasons in such work for me seemed enough

Of my life not any great stories to tell
Though i worked on Melbourne building sites in Winter wet and cool and Summer warm as hell
In weather temperatures sometimes at forty degrees
With cement dust blowing in my face in the humid breeze

Any of life's opportunities i was not the type of person to seize
In the high Yarra Ranges on high electrical power vehicles i spent time trimming trees
Above electrical power wires where danger was rife
Where one mistake could be the end of your life

Felling trees in woods in Duhallow and Muskerry in weather often wet and cold
In my physical prime left me feeling tired and old
Any job that i worked in did not need a degree
And working for a living has not made a wealthy man out of me

Far south of the fields where the rushes in clusters do grow
So little of life's ways i have come to know
But we learn as we live as the wise one does say
And from life i do learn something new every day.

When Last I Saw The Bluebells

The old fields resplendent in their wild-born flowers
And quite lush and green after recent Spring showers
And Nature at her finest she was to be seen
When last i saw the bluebells in bloom on the ditch of the bohreen
The sun was shining in a sky blue and gray
And the hawthorns were cloaked in their white blooms of May
A red breasted male robin sang on a leafy birch tree
And Nature's green beauty was all around me
On nutritious young grass gaining weight by the day
The contented cattle chewing their cuds lay
This is going back the Seasons to decades ago
And time the old master has become my foe
But i retain the memory of the beauty i have seen
When the bluebells were in bloom on the ditch of the bohreen.

On The Passing Of Denis Kelleher

Denis Kelleher lived in Murphy's Terrace for most of his life
Where he raised his children with Nellie his good wife
But sad news of him from Millstreet Far away
By Cashman's Hill in St Mary's cemetery his last remains lay

As a young man Denis Kelleher was athletic and tall
For the Millstreet club he played Gaelic Football
A sporting hero to the fans of the green and gold
The memories live on though the legends grow old

Far beyond Duhallow's old green countryside
Denis Kelleher was one who was known far and wide
A fellow by many who was well liked and well known
And in Millstreet they will grieve at the passing of one of their own

Predeceased by two of their children for he and Nellie this was so sad
In life there are good times as well as the bad
Survived by his wife Denis to a good age lived on
And many he went to school with in the forever gone

One of the last sporting links in Duhallow to the long gone years
His passing from the Barony would not have gone without tears
The bracken face of Clara never more for to see
Though of all cares and worries the dead they are free

Denis lived a moral life and he was a good man
And as human years go his was a lengthy span
For everyone a last Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
And a last night and day in life is for us all.

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Word If

The word if is an obstacle that always gets in the way
And words are easily spoken does seem true to say
You say if you had money you would help those of helping in need
But between words and reality the difference is great indeed
If auntie was born a man uncle your auntie would be
But she is your auntie in reality
If to your life change will never bring
In fact it never does change anything
If often used by those who the wrong choice have made
When any hope of success of a wrong decision does fade
If is a word that is used every day
For what might have been but did not turn out this way
If is a word that change never does bring
In fact it never does change anything.

When It Comes To Power And Money

When it comes to power and money between most aspirational people not much trust
Little thought given to honest dealing and doing what is right and just
Money it can cause ill feeling as many have come to realize
And that trust and friendship lose out to it to anyone not a surprise
Money does speak every language as the wise person does say
None happy with a cut in wages though most would like a rise in pay
It is a known fact that most people would like to be a billionaire
Though the super rich of the World not many to say the least they are rare
That money is a source for divorce common knowledge it does seem
Lack of it can cause depression and give rise to low self esteem
People who are short of money so many things must go without
The aspirational and greedy will tell you money is what life is about
Often due to greed for money once friends become bitter foes
Money or the lack of it causes problems this is life one must suppose.

Your Words May Come Back To Bite You

Your words may come back to bite you as the wise one does say
With the Republican U S Presidential Candidate Donald Trump it is looking this way
That his recorded insulting of women some while ago
Could well have ruined his last slim chance of becoming President well may be so
Many of his remarks for a Presidential hopeful seem way out of place
Seems he has given Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton another free kick in the Presidential race
And she herself is not known for her humility and grace
But it seems all too late for Donald for to save face
He is ruining his own chances of becoming President of him it can be said
That power, fame and the Worldwide publicity has gone to his head
Hillary Clinton will become the first woman President of the U S it does seem
And this will be a huge prick on Donald J Trump's over inflated sense of self esteem
He seems far too zealous on his quest for ultimate fame
And for this he only has himself for to blame.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Now Is All That Does Really Matter

The now is all that does really matter though in memory we are linked to years ago
Time as is said is our master and eventually becomes our foe
Today we can only live in yesterday in the forever gone
Midnight will see in tomorrow and the clock keeps ticking on
The aging person will tell you time goes quickly it only seems like yesterday
That at lunch break in the schoolyard with their young friends they did play
Though this is going back many Seasons years before they reached their physical prime
Only in our gift of memory we can go back far in time
The now is all that does really matter since we cannot alter the past
As we speak even in the moment our biological clocks are ticking fast
Learn as we live as the old saying goes this the best that we can do
This applies to everybody and everybody includes me and you
The now is all that really matter on looking back time seems to fly
Of what was we have only memories and to all this does apply.

Such A Joy To Be Living

Such a joy to be living on this nice sunny Spring day
A freshening breeze blowing up through Illowa from the sea at Gorman's Bay
The coastal countryside looking green and healthy after the recent Spring showers
And the paddocks look resplendent cloaked in yellow cape flowers
It does highlight Nature's beauty Spring sunshine after recent rain
The farmers are feeling happy without reason to complain
Cattle chewing their cuds are resting in the cool shade of the trees
On a nice day in October Of a weather high of twenty degrees
The warbling of the white backed magpie who sings every day of the year
And the familiar song of the gold billed blackbird always a joy for to hear
Beauty it is all around me on this nice day in the Spring
Grass lush and green and wildflowers blooming Nature is an amazing thing
Illowa is at her finest so much natural beauty to be seen
The gift of rain is more than welcome it has left the country looking green.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Love It Is A Thing Of Beauty

Love it is a thing of beauty but the words i love you easy to say
And time with it always bring changes and things can even change much in a day
Last week whilst he made love to her he told her that he loved her so
And though love can be a joyful feeling it can have its side affects of woe
One who has said i love you often to many young women quite a few
Next week he will use his charm when seducing someone new
He has left her brokenhearted for trust and love there can be a price to pay
That few loves ever last a lifetime it has always been this way
She made love to him not for money only because she loved him true
Some like her for love and trusting their mistake have lived to rue
She will find one than him more faithful that should not be hard to do
But she will be a bit more cautious when he tells her that i love you
Love has left her brokenhearted and she is grieving for her loss
And time can be the greatest healer though life for us has many a cross.

Self Appointed Judges

The one considered a public enemy is somebody's daughter or son
But this does not give you the right to be the judge of this person or the judge of anyone
Why do the job that government appointed judges are paid highly to do
For to be anybody's judge is not up to you
Judge not and thou shalt not be judged as a saying remains true
And pay to everyone the respect they are due
It is not up to you to pass judgement there are legal judges for this
The self appointed judges who decide on what sentence one on trial should receive the point do miss
That they will not have an input when the real judges sentence is taken into account
And their judgement to anything does not amount
Leave it to our law enforcement officers and legal judges to uphold the law
The only self appointed judge to pass judgement should be one without a human flaw
Those who enjoy judging others are always less willing to condone
Though they are not without sin they cast the verbal stone.

I Am One Who Fears Death

I am one who fears death of this i will not lie
But like every other mortal one day i must die
Of death it is known it is the fear of the fear
And every tick of the clock to it brings us more near
Death claims every life from the pauper to the billionaire
And those who do not fear it to say the least rare
Yes the one who does not fear death is one of a rare breed
For the fear of the unknown is a real fear indeed
That i am one who does fear death i do not feel embarrassed to say
Since fear is quite a natural thing anyway
It takes an extremely brave person for to die brave
As most people do fear the dark depths of the grave
I am not embarrassed to say that the thought of death does scare me
But my time will come to die whenever that will be.

Friday, October 7, 2016

A Corkman I Will Be

My late mother was from Kerry of this i will not lie
But a Cork man i will be till the day i do die
In Millstreet County Cork my life's journey began
Where i lived my young years and grew into a man

My heart is with the women and men who wear the red jersey when they line out to play
And for as long as i live loyal to Cork i will stay
That my favorite color is red do i need to say why
The colors of Cork i would never deny

From Millstreet in Cork a parochial migrant of me one might say
And my heart is with Cork when they line out to play
I feel tearful every time i hear The Banks Of My Own Lovely Lee
Cork before Ireland is how it is with me

Though i may never see the Boggeragh Ranges again
Loyal to my home County i will remain
The Republic of Cork by some it is known
And my County of birth i could never disown.

Those Who Believe Those Who Dress Well

Those who believe those who dress well, wear a formal suit and white shirt and nice tie
Are those we ought to look up to believe their own lie
It just goes to show how little about people they seem to know
As one's dress sense does not come with the inner glow
Far more decent people patronize the local public bar
Than the house of Parliament where many political legislators are
And they wear their formal suits and dresses every day
And receive many perks along with their very good pay
But many politicians are not known for compassion and honesty
Though everyone with this would hardly agree
Bankers and bureaucrats and big business multi billionaires are always dressed well
But of some of them and their deceptive ways those duped by them have bad stories to tell
Your dress sense does not tell of the person you are
No more so than the size of your home or your boat or your car.

The Funeral Bell Is Tolling

The funeral bell is tolling in the church belfry to where i am standing near
But the person it tolls for it's slow tolling does not hear
In the not distant future whenever that may be
A similar bell will be tolling for me
A bell that gives rise to the shedding of tears
It has tolled for many through the decades of years
A reminder to all of our mortality
At life's journey's end death is our destiny
The tolling of the church bell carrying in the breeze
And birds all around me singing on the trees
From one who breathed life's air a few days ago the last breath has gone
But life in the World as usual goes on
And cars and trucks on the busy street pass up and down
That leads to the freeway to the nearest big town.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

What You Do Not Know

Though you live as a good person compassionate and kind
Who to performing good deeds is only inclined
Not everyone will be saying nice things of you
But what you do not know will not hurt you happens to be true
It is known ruthless people lack in common sense
And enjoy hurting feelings and causing offense
Poor at making friends and good at making foes
It does take all kinds one does have to suppose
To the insensitive with their word usage ignorance is bliss
That what goes around comes around the point they do miss
Their worldly view to say the least is very small
When they themselves are offended they do not like it at all
What you do not know will not hurt you as a truism remain
Why this should be so does one need to explain.

Droughts, Storms And Flooding

Droughts, storms and flooding and weather extreme
Is just part of Climate Change is how it does seem
Their crops covered in flood waters the farmers in tears
By environmental scientists of this we have been warned for decades of years
If the farmers to weather are losing their crops to us this does say
That famine and hard times for many are not far away
In famines it is always the poor who with their lives do pay
But the rising cost of food when scarce will not worry the wealthy they will be okay
Even Climate Change skeptics have come to realize
With the Polar ice caps melting and sea levels on the rise
And in the extreme weather crops for food being destroyed
That climate Change is for real and it is Worldwide
Climate Change experts have been warning of Global Warming for years
And with their crops by bad weather being destroyed many suicidal farmers in tears.

Pa Buckley

In Shrone in Sliabh Luachra Pa Buckley grew into a man
But in Annagloor west of Millstreet in Duhallow he lived out his life span
Perhaps he was In his sixties when he breathed his last
On looking back the Seasons time does tick on fast

A good man who did live an honorable life
With his son Paudie and Nora Twohig his wife
In Cadbury's Rathmore one who worked hard for his every take home pay
A gentleman in his own quiet and unassuming way

Pa Buckley a man i had not seen for years
His passing from life would not have gone without tears
In Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra his was a known and loved face
And Annagloor for him in it was a better place

An easy going person quite free of conceit
Who in the flesh will never again be seen west of Millstreet
For us a last Winter and Spring and Summer and Fall
And a last night and day it will come to us all

By Cashman's Hill in St Mary's in Millstreet the last remains lay
Of Pa Buckley a good man of him one can say
He was one in life who sowed karma's good seed
And of more of his kind the Human World is in need.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

In Windy Warrnambool Today

A breezy place that is often sunny those who know of it do say
And the coastal gales are blowing in windy Warrnambool today
On the breakwater wall the huge waves crashing spewing up a frothy spray
And behind the gray clouds above saltwater the sun is hidden away

Windy Warrnambool by the Pacific often lives up to it's name
But the gales that howl so fiercely eventually blow themselves tame
By the breakwater wall the moored boats rocking by the huge waves tossed to and fro
That boat fishers are often shore bound in Warrnambool is often so

Warrnambool the windy City in south west Victoria's coastal countryside
To witness it's splendid natural beauty people come from places far and wide
Even on wet and windy weather the sun peeps through the clouds of gray
In Spring in a day often four Seasons Warrnambool can be this way

On an evening in early October of sporadic bursts of sunshine
The wild coastal gales are howling in the rocking norfolk pine
In Warrnambool windy City an evening of storm and sun and rain
Storm water gurgling in the gutterings and flowing brown in every street drain.

That The World Is Not Lacking In Judgmental People

That the World is not lacking in judgmental people there is not any doubt
And why worry of what their sort of you say about
As they only derive pleasure on verbally even putting good people down
And so many of them on your side of the town

Since the praises of others their sort never sing
Just carry on with living and do your own thing
You work hard for a living and your bills you do pay
So why worry what negative people of you have to say

It is natural for to like to be liked but it makes for better sense
To pay no heed to words meant for to cause you offense
It looks like you are their put down person of the day
But tomorrow of someone else they will have unkind things to say

As one of a different way in thinking to many you have become known
As has often been said it is each to their own
And though negative comments of others is something anyone does not need
For your future good karma just keep on planting the good seed.

Big Egos Are Everywhere

Big egos are all around me everywhere
And there are millions of them in the big World out there
The look at and hear me syndrome is now the in thing
Far too many their own praises only too willing to sing
Self conceited and egotistical people i find hard to bear
And sad to say nowadays their type are not rare
Oh give me the person with humility
The self assuming and non pretentious who live with dignity
The humble people that many consider to be shy
The words down to earth to them surely does apply
So many too many is how it does seem
Who have an over inflated sense of self esteem
Big egos are everywhere all around me
But i do like the people who have humility.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Good At Deception

That we all need money to live is a mere fact of life
One reason a beautiful young woman in her twenties becomes the wealthy old fellow's wife
When she tells him she loves him her false words go to his head
But in her thinking she hopes that he will soon be dead

So she can have all of his money her false proclamations of love based on greed
And that her type are not rare does seem quite sad indeed
She dumped her young lover the old bloke for to wed
Though a man in his mid eighties cannot be of much use in bed

His feelings of love for her doubtless are very strong
But when he thinks that she loves him he has got it all wrong
That she only married him for his money he does not realize
But that this should be so is not any surprise

That when she tells him she loves him he believes her lies
All men do grow older but few do grow wise
He believes her when she tells him the child she is carrying to his blood belong
And in her deception she cannot see any wrong

He is eighty five and she is twenty nine
And in the most expensive restaurants they wine and they dine
When she tells him she loves him to her words she is not true
But she is good at deception for to give to her what is her due.

Self Doubt Is A Thing

Self doubt is a thing many of seem to know
A seed of the mind that from which low self esteem grow
Deflationary to the ego is how it seems to be
For an example of this look no further than me
Self doubt to you can become a mental thief
As it robs you of confidence and self belief
Your best at anything you cannot hope to do
When you have convinced yourself that others are better than you
Those who know of self doubt become their own worst enemies it does seem
Since it strips them of every bit of self esteem
In sports as in life the one of self doubt never does win a race
The one who does finish well off of the pace
Self doubt destroys self confidence and self belief
And in your mind does become a mental thief.

Monday, October 3, 2016

An October Sunday In Warrnambool

On Sunday the second of October the weather calm and cool
The rain drizzling down on the streets of Warrnambool
Most of the shops are closed the sky gloomy and gray
On the coastal City the sun is not shining today
Warrnambool is known as a breezy City with a sunny face
But despite a few cars on the street today it is a quiet place
On Kepler Street at the corner of Timor a quiet side of the Town
The water drains flowing and the rain drizzling down
But the rain it is needed in mid Spring of the year
As the longer warmer days of Summer to the south west draw near
When holiday makers will flock to the coastal City and business owners will do a brisk trade
In Summer by them the most of their yearly profit is made
Today it is raining and the weather is calm and cool
And the sun is not shining in old Warrnambool.

Call This Migrant Nostalgia

The passing of time has left me wrinkled and gray
And from where i was born and raised i am far away
In this beautiful Country i may live my last night and day
Call this migrant nostalgia or call it what you may

Where i used to live when my hair was dark brown
Today i would be a stranger to many near and in Millstreet Town
And perhaps some young locals may well even say
Who is this old stranger time worn and gray

In fancy every day i walk in the fields where the waterways meet
Or chat with old friends in the Town Park of Millstreet
Or hear the babble of the silver tongued rill
Flowing from the high fields by ancient Clara Hill

It was my love of adventure that made a migrant of me
But a bloke from Duhallow is the best i can be
In my dreams from the slopes of Clara i see Gortavehy in it's face of stone
And Goddess Anu's Breasts in Sliabh Luachra known as The Paps Of Shrone

It is our gift of memory that links us to the past
Yet the clocks on our lives ever keep ticking fast
But the now is what matters and the past it has gone
And Finnow the white river to the Blackwater keeps babbling on.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Then I Am One Of The Many

In a troubled Human World where worries are rife
I struggle for to make any sense out of life
The Worldwide rise in numbers of the human population brings with it more poverty and crime
One can say that we do live in a troubled time

If money and fame is what human life is about
Then i am one of the many who is counted out
Since the requirement of recognition i have failed for to meet
Just another number in a government statistical sheet

That a successfully lived life is based on money we are led to believe
And the not financially well of are dismissed as those who do under achieve
On how financially well off you are to most people only count
In a Human World where kindness and compassion to little seems to amount

It is true that being poor will not do anything for your sense of self esteem
As poverty comes with a punctured ego is how it does seem
And so many who do not have the gods on their side
Are losing out big time in the social divide

We have been learning of the ways of survival before we learned how to crawl
Yet i struggle for to make sense of life at all
If money and fame is what life is about
Then i am one of the many who is counted out.

The Man Who Feels Fear

In his eighty ninth year the man who feels fear
The bangs of the war guns he never did hear
As a young man he was never in an army or learned how to use a gun
Drinking and socializing and making love to women was his way of having fun
A father and great grandfather and divorced by his wife
He says his fear of death has guaranteed him a long life
The brave young men of his younger years went to an early grave
There is always a price to pay for being too brave
Of any acts of bravery on his behalf he cannot tell
But the man who feels fear for his years looking well
At the local pub he enjoys a good laugh and joins in the cheer
And he has not lost his liking for the beer
As a young man he never put his life on the line
One reason he is alive at eighty nine.

It Is The Thrill Of The Chase

It is the thrill of the chase in our dreams we pursue
And most people have their dreams but dreams seldom come true
We all cannot be winners as the wise one does say
And winners are grinners it does seem this way
But the one without a dream in his or her head
Is the one who without hope who seems truly dead
Of late things for you are not going your way
But for you tomorrow may be a better day
Your dreams keep you going when times on you are tough
Those who try hardest usually prove good enough
To overcome disappointment and know of some success
Those who have known of sadness appreciate moments of happiness
Life for you not easy and your dreams for you not coming true
But your turn of better luck you are overdue.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

One Can Only Wonder

One can only wonder what life is about anyway
We are born of a woman for to die one day
Many marriages and partnership bring children their seed will live on
When the last breath of life from their bodies has gone
Many believe that good souls have wings for to fly
Post bodily death to their god's paradise beyond the sky
And though billions of people to their chosen god pray
Of an after bodily death life for the soul is not for me to say
I am one who cannot believe on what to me is unknown
But like as is said it is each to their own
Belief or lack of it though some of the non believing kind
Will even tell you that there is a god of the mind
And one can only wonder what life is about anyway
Since for all of us there is a last night and day.

All One Does Have Are Memories

All one does have are memories good or bad of the past
And time does not wait and the clock ticking fast
Today a mother gives birth to a daughter or son
And tomorrow will dawn but not for everyone

Many destined to live poor due to birth circumstance
Of any success in life they do stand little chance
Every waking day for them a new challenge for to meet
Life is never easy on Poverty Street

There are millions of hungry and homeless people in the big World out there
But to meet a poverty stricken person you need not travel to elsewhere
Near where you live there are people who are doing it quite tough
On the poorest of poor diets and living and sleeping rough

If everybody were equal there would not be poverty
We would not have the homeless and hungry and the refugee
But for a few to grow very wealthy many grow poorer life is designed in this way
And this in itself seems a sad thing to say

In a Human World where a few own the majority of the wealth something that does not seem right
Millions are sleeping without shelter tonight
For the poor and the hungry and homeless and the refugee
How sad very sad life for them it must be.