Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The More We Do Learn

The more i learn of life the more i come to realize
That i do know so little this is not a surprise
But we learn as we live as the wise one does say
We never stop learning it does seem this way
Those who think they know everything are lucky indeed
Of any lessons in life they are not in need
The mind not open to learning knowledge will not receive
That ignorance can be bliss one can only believe
Time does tick on fast beyond our physical prime
But we learn as we live over decades of time
For our every mistake always some price to pay
And we learn as we live from life every day
But the more we do learn the more we realize
That we do know so little this is not a surprise.

Where There Is A Will

Homeless as a teenager hungry and living and sleeping rough
He is one in life who has known it quite tough
One of the children of the lesser gods
And one of the few who has beaten the odds

The son of parents who for drug dealing served time in jail
Seemed in life he was destined for to fail
Jailed in his late teens for stealing to buy drugs
He was dismissed as one of the town thugs

Who would believe then he would turn his life around
But where there is courage hope is to be found
One of the few who escaped Earthly Hell
He has a great story of success to tell

Anything is possible in life as they say
With a beautiful wife and two young daughters he works hard for his pay
One of the few for to rise above poverty and crime
A reformed young man in his physical prime

As a life's loser he refused for to stay
Where there is a will there is always a way
One of the real winners of the big town
Great men as is said cannot be kept down.

Tower Hill In Victoria

The blackbirds in Tower Hill do whistle and sing
On a beautiful day in October in Spring
The honeyeaters chirping on the sunlit trees
Their leaves gently stirring in the coastal breeze
The birds who do sing every day of the year
The warbling of the magpies so pleasant to hear
On a sunny temperature high for the day of 26 degrees
The warm air full of the buzzing of flies and nectar gathering bees
And Tower Hill looking so green after the recent rain
With such beautiful weather how can one complain
The black swans and their gray cygnets swimming on the lake
And the harsh cries of the dark coots one could never mistake
Earthly Utopia it cannot be that far away
From Tower Hill on this beautiful October day.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

So Why Worry About

You are a good person who lives in the honest way
So why worry about what others of you do day
You do not owe them money and the law you obey
And any of your bills they do not help you to pay
Worrying of what others say of you seems a waste of time
You work hard for your livelihood and you are not one of crime
But your problem is you take criticism to heart
And of the negative side of humanity you do not wish to be part
On trading on insults some people believe
But on how we treat others in turn we receive
Eventually the bullies do receive their due
What goes around comes around remains ever true
Of the negative things of you others do say
Of worrying about it why even waste one second of your day.

Once Legends Of Rock And Roll

To fame and to fortune from life on the dole
Loved Worldwide by teenage fans of rock and roll
At their sell out live concerts a huge noisy crowd
Thousands of their young fans their names screaming loud

The legendary rockers where are they today
Some of them died young where silence is they do lay
And the others are showing the wear and tear of time
With only the memories of their glorious prime

On their bodies drugs and booze has taken toll
They used to be the legends of rock and roll
Three of their band from drug overdoses have died
Which in reality can be a form of suicide

They did have wild parties of drugs, sex and booze
But this is the life for themselves they did choose
And only the memories with them does remain
Of what used to be for them and will not be again

The money drugs, booze and the sex and the fame
But this has left them feeling weary and tame
And time that rusts iron on them taking toll
The surviving once legends of rock and roll.

So Many Must Die

So many must die for a war to be won
And everyday by people bad things to people are done
Moses fifth commandment many do ignore
Nowadays more people dying as victims of people than ever before
It is not good for the mind to be wishing on others ill
And if people wish to harm you then harm you they will
To make the World better to live in with yourself you begin
Some with their god out there do not have the god within
They believe that those who believe different to them deserve for to die
One can say of them that they believe their own lie
The seeds of hatred are sown in the mind
The Human World is in need of more of the compassionate and kind
Those who believe on a fair go for all their part in the betterment of humanity does play
In their practice of live and let live every day.

Monday, October 16, 2017


Their natural ways of survival seem obviously clear
One female rabbit can give birth to forty young a year
Though to make them extinct humans their best do try
The rabbits regroup and in numbers multiply
By human kind rabbits of persecution not spared
Myxomatosis, clavixal virus and being shot at and poisoned and snared
But the rabbits survive though their numbers fluctuate
And their survival as a species few do celebrate
They eat grass and destroy crops and dig holes in the ground
Much damage to land where rabbits in numbers abound
They are the great survivors of them one can say
Rabbits are creatures i see every day
Humans to make them extinct their very best does try
But that they are the great survivors of them one cannot deny.

How You Live Your Life

Live and let live and to your higher self remain true
And pay everyone the respect they are due
How you live your life it is all up to you
Your best is all that you can hope to do
For your future good Karma you can plant the seed
By helping the person of your help in need
Most of the kind and compassionate may be strangers to fame
But they do bring honor to their family name
For being kind to others they do not expect pay
And they help those in need of helping every day
That good is rewarded one can only believe
And those willing to give can expect to receive
Those who care about the welfare of others are good people indeed
And of more of their sort the human World is in need.

Money That Does Buy Most Things

Some people never seem to worry at all
A big problem to one to another seems small
You may be one of the materially wealthy of the town
But despite all of your money at times you feel mentally down

But money is quite important for to give it fair due
And that you are better off unhappy with it than without it happens to be true
With plenty money up the social ladder you will climb far
But it is only the poor who know who their friends are

Though money is quite important it does not guarantee
You of stress and worry that you will be free
Among wealthy people few happy of mind
Contentment more abundant among the middle class kind

Some of the town's wealthiest people do not sleep well at night
Though finnancially they are doing more than all right
Because of profits being slightly down from last year they worry and stress
Money that does buy most things cannot buy happiness.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

I Have Travelled A Bit

I have travelled a bit been in many a town
And i have mixed with many races of black, white and brown
And i have come to the conclusion for racism in humanity there ought not be a place
As there are good and bad people in every race
Good people can be of any race or creed
And of their sort humanity of more is in need
You can help to make the World better to live in
By being kind to others this is never a sin
A racist person is one who is badly flawed
And racism in the Human World it ought to be outlawed
Some people in their thinking are very small
Their idea of a fair go it does not include all
Those who make a stand against racism one has to admire
And of singing their praises i for one cannot tire.

Happy And Sad

The unfriendly one who looks sad and feeling down
Is not one of the popular people of the town
Their sort not the people one wishes to meet
And they never does spread joy whilst walking the street
But the happy person blessed of the inner glow
Is the one that most people does wish for to know
A smile as is said does not cost one a thing
And a moment of joy to somebody may bring
Laugh and the World laughs with you as a truism remain
In the meaning of this does one need to explain
You cannot feel happy all though every day
And human moods are many seems true for to say
But the one who greets you with a smiling face
Is one who does bring joy to the gloomiest place.

The War Damaged Man

In the town he was born in and raised in he will live his last day
The ageing old fellow his hair silver gray
As a young man he fought in a war far away
Youth does have it's fling as the wise one does say
He is not a father or never has had a wife
Alcohol it has been the ruination of his life
An addiction that can have it's source in a war damaged mind
A false sense of happiness in alcohol he does find
Today he is haunted by bad things he did see
The deaths of some of his comrades live in his memory
His face in the local pub a familiar sight to see
Where he drinks until closing time almost every night
A likeable old fellow the war damaged man
His life's journey will end for him where it began.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Your Greatest Gift

The longest lived human life in time not a long span
So live for as long as you possibly can
Your greatest gift is your life as the wise one has said
Only earthworms live in the graves of the dead
Everyone does grow older but few does grow wise
That this can be so surely not a surprise
The wise person between people does not differentiate
And the millionaire and the pauper as equals does rate
So many people do crave some form of success
But life is the greatest gift we do possess
Of a life after bodily death is not for me to say
Only know for us all there is a last night and day
The deceased war hero is past being brave
Only earthworms live in the depths of the grave.

My Rallying Fan Neighbor

He lives in the house from me across the street
Though neighbors as such as strangers we do meet
To each other we do have little to say
Except for a nod of the head or a good day

A motor rallying and a car racing fan
In his interests to me quite a different man
We share nothing in common and would have nothing to talk about
And about me he feels the same way there can be little doubt

But he is more important a person to me why even pretend
Than one i never met a distant facebook friend
If i cried out for help my facebook friend would not reply
But my rallying fan neighbor might answer my cry

As neighbors but as strangers we do remain
And the reason for this to you i did explain
But he is more important than a distant facebook friend to me
Though everyone with this may not agree.

Success In Itself

Presidents, directors, managers and c e o's of every big bureaucracy
By their greed for material success help to give rise to inequality
It is a known fact for every new millionaire
That life becomes tougher on the working poor and those on welfare
Big company cost cutting for higher profits put more on the dole
And many poor people may never again be able to climb out of their financial hole
Many of the most materially successful of people are not good of mind
They are without compassion and would not know how to be kind
By many these people are greatly admired
And many to be wealthy as they are feel greatly inspired
And though the praises of the materially successful minority the impressionable masses may sing
Success in itself can be a relative thing
And the one who is successful to you may not be so to me
For to differ on this one we have to agree.

Friday, October 13, 2017


Without makeup she is ageing in the natural way
Her shoulder length straight hair it is silvery gray
She is what you see and appears for to be
The widowed great grandmother Annie she is eighty three
Her soulmate Tommy's remains in the nearby cemetery lay
Five years ago from cancer he passed away
In a one bedroom basement flat she lives on her own
Of far better and happier times she would have known
Annie is a woman who is ageing with grace
She greets everyone with a smile on her face
So down to earth and friendly a nice person of to know
She is one who does have the bright inner glow
A pretty looking woman of hair silver gray
She must have been quite a beauty on her day.

Far South Of Old Ireland

Young is a thing anyone cannot stay
Far south of old Ireland time has left me gray
Through coastal Illowa a freshening wind blowing from the bay
And so great to be living on such a nice day
October in the Moyne Shire a green time of year
The warbling songs of the magpies so pleasant to hear
The song of the blackbirds such a beautiful thing
Does bring back the memories of a far away Spring
When bluebells does bloom on the ditch of bohreen
And Nature at her very finest is seen
And the old fields lush and green after the recent showers
Are looking resplendent in their Nature's flowers
Far south of old Ireland i hear a pee wee
And Nature at her finest is all around me.

The Non Judgmental Kind

The non judgmental kind are not in the few
And this is not saying anything that is new
To their honor code they remain ever true
And credit to them for this is surely their due
To be judgmental of others is not their human flaw
They leave this to the judges of courthouse law
In their words they have no wish to drag others down
There ought to be more like them in every town
In me room for improvemenet in truth i can say
Since i too can be judgmental in my own sort of a way
Some people can be judgmental their sort one does meet every day
But live and let live as the wise one does say
I am only saying of what most are aware
When i say that judgmental people are not rare.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

You And I

Suppose we must differ for to agree
In your expectations in life you are quite different to me
Your political views are quite different to mine
But this is your business and this suits me fine
That i lack in ambition only true to say
But you are quite different you are not this way
The only thing in common between you and i
Is that we were born to life to eventually die
But then how boring we would be for want for it of a better name
If in our ways we were similar and in our thinking the same
But credit to you since this is your due
And each to their own does happen to be true
We are very different in our ways you and i
For to say otherwise would be telling a lie.

Slaves Of Technology

She took a packet of cigarette roll paper and a pack of loose tobacco from her handbag
Saying to him this is cheaper than buying ready to smoke cigarettes as she rolled her fag
Whilst he sat there in pensive reflection on his cigarette puffing away
He replied in a slow drawl for the better smoke more money you must pay

They looked at their smart phones whilst blowing out some smoke
The pretty brown haired young woman and the blond haired young bloke
Both slaves to technology it would appear
That their phones held more interest for them than for each other seemed obviously clear

They did know each other obviously quite well
But whether as partners or friends it would be hard to tell
Perhaps both in their early twenties near their physical prime
And nothing strange in their behavior for their age and time

In the age of the smart phone and selfie over indulgence in self Worldwide
Smoking and looking at their smart phones on a street bench by the pub they sat side by side
And as i walked down the street in the bright sunlight
I reflected on what i had seen nowadays not a rare sight.

An October Day

My Worth as a writer i have reason to doubt
Though no shortage of subject material for to write rhymes about
On this beautiful and sunny day in October in Spring
The wild birds of Nature, chirp, whistle and sing
Earthly Utopia from here cannot be far away
In the mostly blue sky woolly looking clouds of gray
Of such natural beauty a poet would write
For lovers of poetry to enjoy and read and recite
A weather forecast high for the day of a pleasant twenty degrees
And the contented cattle lay chewing their cuds in the shade of the trees
In Nature so much beauty for to be seen
The sunlit coastal paddocks looking so lush and green
Utopia from here cannot be far away
So great to be living on such a nice day.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

No Not A Town Hero

No not a town hero just an ordinary bloke
Who like to drink something stronger than lemonade or coke
Not a celebrity worshipper or a fan of sports and football
One who is content in his life overall
With a wife and two young children he works hard for his pay
He rises for work at dawn every working day
And on his way home from work he stops in at the pub for a beer or two
One who drinks in moderation as some cannot do
For the good deeds he performs he does not wish to be known
He helps his poor aged pensioner neighbor who lives on her own
Mow her grass and fix things in her home of repair in need
Of him she says he is a hero indeed
Without seeking reward or asking for pay
No not a town hero but good in every way.

Death Makes Everyone Equal

Death makes everyone equal though with this some may not agree
It does transcend the borders of inequality
James Shirley in his poem Death The Leveller said it all
The greatest to the scythe of Life's Reaper does fall
The remains of the one who knew of wealth and fame
In the cemetery as the deceased pauper the same
A mere fact of human life and fact never lie
We are born into life to eventually die
For the wealthiest like the poorest a last night and day
There are no lavish parties where dead people lay
In the darkness of the graves where silence is profound
Only earth worms live under cemetery ground
Though everyone with it may not agree
Death makes everyone equal is how it seems to be.

I Have Been Lucky

I feel i am one of the luckier of men
I have lived for many years six decades and ten
Some i went to school with not living today
Though the Reaper of lives too will come reaping my way
Yes the lady of luck she has been kind to me
I could have been born to be a refugee
Homeless and Stateless and doing it tough
And living the hard life, hungry and sleeping rough
Seventy years free of physical pain
I am one without any cause to complain
Far better people than i am at a young age have died
I feel lady luck she is on my side
Like everyone else my turn will come to die
But i have been lucky of this i won't lie.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Cails River Otter Hunters

On going back long gone Seasons in years some six decades of time
To the mid nineteen fifties before the death of rhyme
Sunday hunting on foot was an in thing in rural Ireland then
The schoolboys of the fifties are now tired ageing men

In the waterways of Duhallow otters in numbers did abound
And where brown trout used to be abundant not many to be found
Which made the local fly fishermen rather angry for this the otters they did blame
And every otter for to hunt and kill was fair game

The anger of rod and line fishers against otters not hard to understand
And a thinning of their numbers by Duhallow anglers planned
In the Cails River west of Millstreet Town a rare thing a brown trout
And for the cause of their scarcity there was not any doubt

In the summer of nineteen fifty six on a Sunday in July
The sweet scent of hay was in the breeze and the sun shone in the sky
When to the Cails west of Millstreet the otter hunters came
To kill a couple of otters would give them local fame

When the hunting of otters was a favorite past time
Fair haired Michael Murphy of Millstreet town back then was in his prime
Quite a likeable fellow who enjoyed his pint of stout
Of their dislike of otters then fishers did leave none in doubt

Jim Lucey of the Station Road was then an ageing man
Of memories of hunting the decades he did span
His noble kerry blue dogs were canines without fear
Only stories of the bravery of their sort one does hear

Jerry O Ford of the Station Road his hair silver gray
For years hunting otters he spend many a Sunday
With a fox terrier and a wheaten terrier in his dogs he took pride
Their worth as earth dogs and hunting dogs of them could not be denied

Jer Long of Annagloor who lived by the river was there and he said otters every day he did see
One who knew in the Cails where otters used to be
Otters were the main reason brown trout were so rare
In the Duhallow rivers of fish they had eaten more than their share

Andy Duggan the barber one known for miles around
Had his fox terriers with him dogs unafraid to go to ground
A middle aged man then of greying hair of brown
With him he had a big two pronged stick for penning otters down

Hunting in those days a topic in every Duhallow pub
Paddy Joe Lehane, Tim Riordan and Mick the Jeweller of the Millstreet Foxhound club
Were at the otter hunt though fox and otter hunting not quite the same
What is hunting in Nature is hunting by name

Jimmy Cotter and his cross bred greyhound he was then in his life's prime
Hunting and rod and line fishing his favorite pastime
Why he did not like otters the reason not hard to understand
The number one predator of brown trout in the waterways of Ireland

They dug a few otter burrows and send the terriers to ground
But the otters for the dogs far too deep to be found
Otters are quite tough creatures for animals of their size
As every otter hunter does come to realize

But in Shannaknock their luck changed for the hunters this coud be a win
Quite a shallow burrows they send the terriers in
The dogs dragged the otter out but of their grip it broke free
And swam to a deeper burrow under the bank by a tree

For their otter hunt along the Cails nothing of which to crow
Of any proof of a kill they did not have to show
The Cails River otter hunters now in eternal peace lay
It can be said of them that they did have their day.


She has died her gray hair a light chestnut brown
Beryl in her mind believes she is still the rose of the town
Though a divorced grandmother and the years on her physically show
How she appears to others she is not to know
Despite hair dyes and anti aging creams time has become her foe
Her body does not have the curves of decades ago
When she was the pretty young rose of the town
Despite her best efforts she cannot keep the kilos down
She still feels rather angry with her ex husband Fred
With a pretty young blond he shares a home and bed
Beryl has vowed to never again become any man's wife
She says she is happy in her single life
Proud and self conceited she has dyed her hair brown
She still believes she is the rose of the town.

Money Gives People Power

It does not matter much your skin color if you are born black, white or brown
If you are one who has little money you are not one of the influential of the town
Since money gives people power and influence this is how it is and will always be
With the saying money does speak every language you will not find many to disagree
A poor person will never win a seat in parliament unless she or he is sponsored by a very wealthy friend
People look up to people with money to say otherwise would be to pretend
That money is not that important since the opposite is the case
If you are one who has plenty money your's does become a well known face
You cannot buy food for your family if for it you do not have the money to pay
Yes money does speak every language despite what some of this does say
For to meet some very poor people you do not have to tavel far
But these true to say are the people who do know who their true friends are
It does not matter your skin color or of your nationality or race
If you are one with heaps of money your's to many becomes a well known face.

The Las Vegas Mass Murderer

The Las Vegas mass murderer why mention him by name
He does not deserve such recognition for his acts of shame
He murdered fifty eight people and hundreds did injure and terrorize
That this should happen in a Country without gun laws should not be a surprise
It has been said of him he was not mentally well in his mind
Though excuses for his sort does seem so hard to find
His mum and dad in him did not raise a good son
Plenty of people with mental illnessess never harm anyone
The reason for his murders of the law he denied
When he took his own life in the act of suicide
It is said he was not a terrorist though terror he did create
In his last living hour of anger and hate
For his heinous crimes why afford him the fame
Of giving him the recognition of publishing his name.

Monday, October 9, 2017

In A Tribal World

He was not there to support the local footballers in their big win
Not tribal in his ways the one who does not fit in
Not involved in sports this does not interest him at all
And this does include any code of football
An emerging young artist becoming quite well known
It is said by many into art his art is in a class of it's own
He is never there to join in the noisy hooray
When the local footballers for glory does play
In a town where the praises of sportspeople many does sing
He is one of the few who does his own thing
Not into sports or musical entertainment on any sort of a way
He is a fringe dweller of sorts of him one can say
Those not part of the tribe as outsiders do stay
In a tribal World it is always this way.

I Cannot Say

I cannot say i have been there and done that
Though i have logged trees in Duhallow and Muskerry and worked in pipelines in Ballarat
And worked as a young man in apartment buildings in the City of New York
Far south of my first homeplace in Millstreet County Cork
Worked on buildings sites in Melbourne and in the Yarra Ranges on high towers trimmed trees
Above electricity powerlines in weather temperatures of varying degrees
But many have seen more of the World than me
And been in more Countries and greater sights see
We learn as we live the wise one does say
And we never stop learning until our life's final day
Yet the one who has travelled is not in any way more wise
Than the one who has never seen a foreign sunrise
That many people have worked harder and done more things than i have i have come to realize
Yet we learn as we live though age does not make you wise.

One Would Think

One would think that god some pity would find
For the poor and downtrod and disadvantaged kind
The hungry, homeless and stateless in life doing it tough
Who are without hope living and sleeping rough
Cruelty in life is of varying degrees
For the majority of voter approval most politicians are cruel to refugees
Many in positions of power in their ways are quite small
Their idea of a fair go does not include all
People who believe the god they believe in the one true god
Only make life harder for the poor and downtrod
The only god i believe in is the god of the mind
The god of compassion who is loving and kind
Why so many with power who believe in a god in the sky
Can se so cruel to poor people one does wonder why?

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Far South Of Claraghatlea

Where i grew to love Nature as a young boy
And learning of her way today i enjoy
Claraghatlea just west of the Town of Millstreet
In the green countryside where the waterways meet

I have not seen the gray fog quietly steal it's way
Across Clara Mountain for many a day
But the memories remain of the what used to be
And in visualizations the old fields i do see

Here in the Moyne Shire in distance far south
Of the fields of the badger and the waterways of the brown trout
I am learning about Nature every day
We do learn as we live it is always this way

In the home of koala, echidna, emu, wallaby and roo
And long billed corella and yellow tailed black cockatoo
Of the birds who do sing in all Seasons of the year
The warbling songs of the magpies every day i do hear

And the magpie larks known by their song of peewee
Are birds i hear often and often do see
Far south of Claraghatlea near the Town of Millstreet
In the green countryside where the waterways meet.

I Do Know So Little

The more i do learn the more i realize
That i do know so little this not a surprise
From the book of life we do learn every day
One does never stop learning it does seem this way
For our every mistake in life always some price to pay
That we never stop learning is only true to say
We have been learning from life before we learned how to crawl
This is one thing that surely does apply to all
Life for us has lessons until the day we do die
Yet we realize that we do know so little is not a lie
Those who believe they know it all are quite lucky indeed
Since of any more lessons in life they are not in need
Yet the more i do learn the more i realize
That i do know so little this is not a surprise.

The Unhappy Billionaire

There is none quite so sad as the sad billionaire
Far sadder of mind than the one on welfare
The praises of the wealthy and famous the masses may sing
But to feel unhappy though wealthy must be such a sad thing
For the materially wealthy one of the leafy side of the town
Who despite money and fame does feel mentally down
How sad very sad indeed life has to be
One poorer in some ways than many in dire poverty
Unhappy though of any of life's comforts not in need
The unhappy billionaire is a sad one indeed
Having lots of money can be a huge advantage only true to say
But all of the money in the World from one cannot keep the black moods away
And it is only too true that the unhappy billionaire
Is far more poorer of mind than the one on welfare.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Margaret MacCarron

For our early memories in time one must go back
Years ago the O' Donoghue family of Cullen lived near the old Millstreet Greyhound Track
Along with their mother Margaret, Bernard and Eileen
In the decades of time changes are to be seen

A kind and a beautiful person as all who knew her would agree
Margaret and her husband Patrick MacCarron in Bandon raised their family
From life sad to learn of her she has passed away
For all who did know her their saddest news of the day

One so humble in her ways and free of conceit
With a beautiful smile always a joy to meet
To her husband, children and grandchildren, siblings, relations and friends such a very sad loss
But in life as is said to bear there is many a cross

Though the life's breath from her it well may be gone
In memory she is one who deserves to live on
She left Inchaleigh near Millstreet Town in her physical prime
But eventually we all become victims of time

Deceased in her seventies she was not very old
One whose life story surely deserves to be told
Can only hope her passing from life for her was a painless release
In Bandon forever she now is at peace.

No Business Of Mine

He said to me why do you persist on rhyme
And on penning of doggerel keep on wasting your time
But this is his opinion and this suits me fine
For what he thinks of me is no business of mine
Though perhaps he may be right on what he does say
And i ought to give some thought on giving rhyming away
But rhyming is my addiction and addictions are hard to forsake
And even among the most determined of people habits are hard to break
Since i am one of those lacking in mental grit
What happens to be my greatest passion i feel no desire to quit
Though he advised me to have a try at writing modern verse as it may be worth my while
A bit late for me to change my writing style
He too has his opinions and this suits me fine
But what is his business is no business of mine.

Migrant Jenny

Migrant Jenny says she would be telling a lie
If she said she does not wish to go home to die
But her health is so poor the only reason why
Her doctor will not grant her written permission to fly
More than three decades past her physical prime
In Deteriorating health and running out of time
Since with the reaper of lives she soon does have a date
Nostalgia has returned to haunt her of late
She has never been to any man a wife
And she never has had children to carry on her seed in life
And though she has not felt any nostalgia for years
And for her past she thought she had shed all of her tears
She now yearns to return to that place far away
For to die where she first looked on the lamp of day.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Need One Say Anymore

Are you one of those quite unwilling to give
Remember it is not how wealthy you are but how well you do live
They are poor of mind those who live to receive
On reaching for the higher self they do not believe
That for them to grow richer others may have grown poorer they seem to fail to realize
But with their sort this never is any surprise
In their way of thinking compassion and kindness are totally wrong
In humanity such things ought not to belong
On saying the unwritten commandment is observed by more than a few
In truth is not saying any thing that is new
The kind and compassionate are great people indeed
They never ignore those of helping in need
Those less fortunate than us we ought not to ignore
Is a fact of life of this need one say anymore.


Though Annie was born in a Land far away
Home is where i live she is known for to say
A single grandmother in her early fifties of one offspring Bill
She was born and raised in a town by a far away hill
One aging with grace her shoulder length wavy hair silver gray
She was quite a beauty in her prime day
Back in the years when her hair was dark brown
And she was the young rose of her first hometown
Annie she never was any man's wife
And nowadays she does not have a man in her life
Though the Seasons on her are beginning to tell
For her years she is one who looks rather well
Home is where i now live Annie does say
Though far north she first looked on the lamp of day.


Jimbo who has just turned eighty is as strong as an ox
One who is not in a hurry for the forever box
Bald on the top with gray hairs on his broad chest
On the coldest of weather all he wears is a pants, boots and a sleeveless vest
Divorced from Linda his ex wife for many years
Their marriage for her it ended in tears
When she discovered he was having an extra marital affair
Back when he had a head of light brown hair
The octogenarian great grandfather who barracks for the local football club
Drinks beer with his years younger mates at the local pub
For to refuse a drinking challenge he has never been known
At drinking with men half of his age he can hold his own
A bald headed octogenarian as strong as a bull
He walks home from the pub sober though of beer quite full.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Sunday Hunt

From the overnight rain the by road was wet
As by the cottage of Con C the hunting party met
All of them locals for a Sunday of fun
In rain coats and second hand clothes not expecting any sun

On a Sunday morning in September in the Fall of the year
The sound of the wind in the trees rather pleasant to hear
Across the face of Clara low fogs of rain did crawl
On a typical enough morning for the early Fall

The brothers Con, Jerry and Michael O' Connor were there
In anticipation a chase of a fox or a course of a hare
Young tall and sturdily built Michael Murphy of Shannaknock with browny his cattle dog
Arrived for the hunt via a shortcut through the bog

The sons of Con D and Kitty O' Connor Denis, Maurice and Con
And lively young Patie and foxy haired John
And Maurice O' Connor of Shannaknock with a female black greyhound
One who knew the countryside for miles around.

Connie Tarrant of Liscreagh he was nine or ten
More than a dozen years from his prime days back then
One who had been looking forward to this Sunday hunt for awhile
On his carefree young face he had a big smile

Shannaknock's young Robby Murphy from the house near the bog
Brought with him for the hunt his hunting and fighting dog
A star underage forward with Millstreet Gaelic Football he did play
Until his life's destiny did take him to the U S of A

Donal Hickey of Inchaleigh as a hunter well known
With three of his fox terriers as earth dogs in a class of their own
To go to ground for fox or badger courage they did show
And good at flushing rabbits from thorny brakes and briery hedgerow

Jimmy Cotter of Murphy's Terrace in Millstreet a hunter of Duhallow fame
Most of the fields for miles around he did know by name
He had with him for the hunt two three quarter bred greyhound
Dogs that could run all day without tiring over the roughest of ground

The sun it was hidden behind clouds of gray
As through Den Corkery's fields the hunting party walked their way
The darkening rain clouds told of rain ever near
That it would not be a day for hunting to all it was quite clear

The gray clouds began to weep and the rain bucketed down
On the green countryside west of old Millstreet Town
To a shed in Pat Joe Hickey's farmyard that to them was nearby
The hunters scurried to with their dogs they would not reach home dry

Their hunt ended for them almost as fast as it began
Less than an hour of walking in the fields in time just a short span
Of one course or chase they did not have to tell
But blame this on the weather it did not serve them well

A tale from the west of Millstreet Town many decades ago
And to the teenagers back then time has become the foe
A few who took part in the hunt are not living today
And time that rusts iron keeps ticking away.

The Power It Is In You

The power it is in you it is within
You can help to make the World better to live in
By being kinder to others no act of kindness too small
And carry the flag of a fair go for all
What goes around comes around seems true to say
For your kindness and compassion you will be rewarded in a positive way
Some of their own needs only feel aware
They are not of much use to humanity those who do not share
There is more to living of life than thinking of your own need
One of the main reasons of inequality is human greed
Millions of poor people doing it tough Worldwide
The gap keeps on widening in the social divide
You do have the power in you it is within
For to make the World better to live in.

Death Of A Refugee

At least of his cares he is finally free
He died on Manus Island the poor refugee
A Tamil from Sri Lanka in detention for years
The poor bloke his passing has gone with few tears
Without hope of freedom and mentally unwell
The poor man had lived in his own Earthly Hell
A political football of him one can say
How wrong people should be treated on such a way
For years without hope his mind in mental strife
He believed his way out of his troubles was to taKe his own life
For his death the Papuan and Australian Governments each other does blame
Just political point scoring without any shame
All he wished was for a life free of harassment in him nothing bad
The way he lived and died was so tragic and sad.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

War And Terrorism

Of war and terrorism we may never be free
They are closely related is how it seems to be
The difference between them seems hard to explain
As they both give rise to death, grief and physical and mental pain
Many glorify war but in truth one can say
That war leads to terrorism it is often this way
Terrorists kill people and soldiers do too
But what is murder to me may not be so to you
Territorial and cultural and religious wars have been going on for years
Extreme violence only gives rise to death, suffering and tears
Humans are deliberately killing humans in the World every day
This is the price for major conflicts we do pay
War and terrorism are related is how it seems to be
Though many with this may well disagree.

One Big Competition

The Human World one big competition every day people with each other compete
For success and all that goes with it and always some challenge to meet
Most wish to be wealthy and famous but winners as such in the few
For winners there has to be losers this is not saying anything that is new
And most things revolve around money and money has it's source in greed
The reason the poor are never looked on as winners is materially they failed to succeed
Many heroes and heroines are flawed people though they are not looked upon on this way
Few of the honorable and compassionate ever looked up to and of the majority what does this say
By those who are wealthy and famous so much of Nature's beauty destroyed
That our Earth Mother due to human greed for success suffer should never be a source for pride
Compared to the one who supports us and feeds us our greatest achievements seem small
Most human achievements when put in perspective are not that important at all
The Human World one big competition is how it seems to me
Though this is just my personal opinion with which many would disagree.

Self Conceited Joe

He feels that he is a gift to woman kind
But with self conceited Joe it is all in his mind
He says of the town's best he can have his pick
But his only lover Sally last year decided to give him the flick
She told her friends he was not the sort for her
That a far humbler man than him she would prefer
He says he has been taking a rest from women of late
And it has been awhile since he has been on a date
Not handsome he is powerfully built broad shouldered and tall
Though to most women his sort would not appeal at all
For self confidence one who does carry the flag
Of his pretend achievements he likes to brag
His girl friend Sally left him a year ago
She fel out of love with self conceited Joe.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Jim And Kate

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder may happen to be true
And arguably the finest in the town is young golden haired Sue
But middle aged Jim with this does not agree
He says my wife Kate is the fairest to me
With primary school going children Joe and Ann
Jim of his wife and children is a very proud man
Suppose it is good to see a man feeling so proud of his children and wife
And so very content in his lot in life
The seeds of good friendships by him and Kate are sown
In their community they are well liked and well known
In their teen years lovers they have been married for twelve years
In their love union no regrets or tears
Sue is the town's fairest many would agree
But Jim he will tell you that Kate will do me.

Grand Final Day 2017

For the winners there is many a rapturous hooray
Life is mostly about winning it does seem this way
For the losers as is said the band seldom play
And it is all about winning on Grand Final Day
At the M C G in Melbourne a huge noisy crowd
The fans of Adelaide and Richmond waving their flags and buntings and the cheering is loud
For the winners the bragging rights the glory and the fame
And only one group of fans will be celebrating at the end of the big game
A weather tempertaure high for Melbourne for the day of eighteen degrees
Of spasmodic showers and a freshening breeze
Blowing across the M C G from Port Phillip Bay
With the sun at times peeping from behind clouds of gray
As Adelaide and Richmond compete for the 2017 A F L Premiership Flag
For the winners the glory and the right to brag.

Gay Bashers

It is said that in what seems an absurd opinion some truth you will find
Such as gay bashers themselves are homosexually inclined
That by physically assaulting a homosexual person their own sexual desires they suppress
And self loathing in their violent and criminal behavior they do express
What stories you choose to believe is up to you anyway
That gay bashers are latewnt homosexuals is not for me to say
But what we dislike in others in our own selves we do see
May well be a truism would you not agree
That for their sexual preferences people are assaulted in a violent way
In this the twenty first century seems a sad thing to say
It can be a sense of guilt and self loathing that lead some to violent crime
And many found guilty of gay bashing in prison have served time
It is said that gay bashers are latent homosexuals make of this what you may
And if this is true or not is not for me to say.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Your Dogs

For their unconditional love all from you they do need
Is a walk every day a few pats and a feed
Than your dogs you do not have a truer friend
Dogs love you for who you are they could never pretend
In the eyes of your dogs you are a true great
When you come home from work they greet you at the gate
With welcoming barks and wagging of tails you they are happy to see
To them you are not one of mortality
For their loyalty and devotion dogs are loved Worldwide
For to save the lives of their masters they are known to have died
For as long as they live loyal to you they do stay
Your dogs will love you until their last night and day
For their unconditional love from you they only need
A walk every day a few pats and a feed.

Is How They Are

To help others you often go out of your way
And you perform at least one good deed every day
But there are those of you who even does say
That you must be a fool to help others without asking for pay
The words of a wise one worthy of recall
In life you win some but you don't win them all
Kind people the greedy could never understand
When they do help others they expect cash in hand
They never help those who of help are in need
And sad to say their sort are not a rare breed
To be wealthy and famous in life they desire
And those who help the poor and the homeless they could never admire
Sadly to meet their sort one does not travel far
But then as is said of people how they think is how they are.

Timothy Leary

Timothy Leary spent years in prison to experiment in drugs was his only crime
Born in Springfield Massachusetts in nineteen twenty he was a man way ahead of his time
President Nixon described him as America's number one public enemy which was a deliberate lie
His promotion of L S D was to help people something he maintained until the day he did die

In a conservative age of political correctness Timothy Leary became a wromged man
Controversy it did remain with him until the last day of his life span
Married five times he did love many women to his life beautiful women did come and did go
He was one who believed in polygamy which helped to make for him many a powerful foe

One can understand why women loved Leary he was quite different to most men of him one can say
He was a genius as well as witty and charming some women did fall for him in a big way
Yet all of his love affairs ended in heartache he was one who in love just could not stay
Just like a flower love that blooms quickly often as quickly can fade to decay

Timothy Leary a non conforming genius he was a character of a great mind
Those who knew him well say of him a great fellow and in his ways he was generous and kind
On his seventy fifth year in nineteen ninety six he died of cancer from life his was a quite painful release
Though long dead he remains a legend to many Timothy Leary may he rest in peace.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

It Is Always The Poor

That human life is taken so cheaply the thought rather chilling
Trillions in money spend on weapons for killing
That money and power does corrupt there can be no denying
In a World where millions of people of Malnutrition are dying
Weapons of mass destruction are being used every day
Where murder in war zones is seen as okay
Revenge killing in terrorism by those who believe they have god on their side
Violence is on the increase Worldwide
Pity the stateless, the homeless, the poor and downtrod
And those who do suffer because of war over god
Many looked on as heroes that the masses do laud
Are narcissistic people who are badly flawed
Life on the poor of the World getting tougher
And it is always the poor in war who do suffer.

The Great Usain Bolt

The many times Olympic and World Champion the great Usain Bolt
He raced to the line like a champion thoroughbred colt
Recently retired his best days are gone
But the legend he created in athletics live on
Surely the greatest Olympian of his time
He raced like a hunted gazelle when in his life's prime
A marvellous personality and so quick on his feet
His fame will surely outlive the legendary athlete
One who was never found to be wanting when put to the real test
In Jamaica a Country of many champion sprinters Usain was the best
Never more to compete at the Olympics and the World Championships again
Since youth is a thing one can never regain
He raced to the line like a champion thoroughbred colt
The Pride of Jamaica the great Usain Bolt.

Far South Of Duhallow

Far south of Duhallow for me no wealth and renown
And today i would be a stranger to many north in Millstreet Town
From there i have been many Seasons away
Time with it bring changes only true to say
But as most people nowadays have come to realize
That it is rather easy for to visualize
In fancy i can hear at the dawn of a Spring day
The nesting birds singing in groves far away
Far south of Duhallow in the southern Spring
The golden billed blackbird does whistle and sing
The magpie larks in the paddocks are singing pee wee
And a magpie is warbling on a tall gray gum tree
And blowing from the nearby Pacific a freshening breeze
Is gently soughing in the bushes and trees.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Welcome Swallows

The fastest on natural wings of the southern sky
On pursuit of flying insects how fast they do fly
Above cities and towns and the countryside
The dark and brown welcome swallows travel far and wide
With the sun on their dark wings when in full flight
These aerial speedsters make for a beautiful sight
The aerial nomads who are known to travel far
Their aerial speed matches that of a motor car
Not bound by borders or range or State
In late Autumn to the northern sub tropics and tropics they do migrate
That they are masters of flying there can be no denying
They spend most of their lives chasing insects whilst flying
Wedged in verandah timbers their cup shaped mud nest one sometimes does see
Welcome swallows are birds familiar to many and familiar to me.

The Artist

His biggest achievement to many in life may seem small
When he has nothing to say he says nothing at all
At the local pub on a Saturday evening where noise does abound
He sits and drinks his beer without uttering a sound
He does not take part in sport or football with the local club play
And many young locals his age say he is strange in his way
Those who are different to them they do not understand
The flames of suspicion by difference can be fanned
As a young emerging artist he is making his mark
At the weekend he is often seen sketching at the leisure park
In his early twenties close to his physical prime
With his casual girlfriend he sometimes spends leisure time
Quietly spoken he has never played a game of football
When he has nothing to say he says nothing at all.

Only Memories Remain

The past it has gone and only memories remain
Of the what used to be but will not be again
Your friends of the past are not your friends today
In life as you have done they have gone their own way

They once were your friends but as your friends did not stay
Time, absence and separation on this had a say
They have forged new friendships as you have as well
How long any friendship last only time does tell

Friendships are built on personal interests is how it seems to be
But many with this may well not agree
But a friendship between a pauper and a billionaire
In truth one can say is something rarer than rare

Though you no longer feel close to a former friend
It may not have been a personal dispute brought your friendship to an end
It is just that in ways apart you had grown
It is from similar interests the seeds of friendship are sown

Another day dawns and yesterday has gone
And the clock on our lives ever keeps ticking on
All that you have left are memories of the past
And friends that you once knew that time did outlast.

Friday, September 29, 2017

In Koroit Today

The sun it is shining in the sky blue and gray
And in the park playground children laugh as they play
In late September the prime of Spring not far away
And the blackbirds are singing in Koroit today
After the recent rain the parks and paddocks quite green
And Nature at her finest is to be seen
A weather forecast high for the day of a pleasant eighteen degrees
And the songs of the birds carrying in the freshening breeze
That blow through the park from the ocean shore
In near perfect weather who could ask for more
The sun it is shining without one sign of rain
With such pleasant weather how could one complain
And Earthly Utopia cannot be far away
From where the blackbirds are singing in Koroit today.

When All That You Have Left

When all that you have left is your sense of pride
And you are old and frail and time not on your side
Your better days in life are in the long gone
And only the fear of death makes you want to live on
A last Winter, Spring and Summer And Fall
And a last day and night is ahead of us all
If luck is on our side and good health with us stay
Eventually in time we will fade away
The longest lived human life in real time not a long span
On average a few years more for a woman than it is for a man
Us humans are mortals why otherwise pretend
The life journey we are on does come to an end
Due to your fear of death you cling on to life though time not on your side
And all you have left is your sense of pride.

A Port Fairy Beauty

Her Shoulder length golden hair tossing in the breeze
On a nice sunny September evening of eighteen degrees
With the lilt of joy in her lovely eyes of brown
And a smile on her face in old Port Fairy Town

In the park by Bank St green and lush near the prime of the Spring
The wildborn nesting songbirds did whistle and sing
A Port Fairy beauty free of conceit and guile
Did greet me a stranger to her with a beautiful smile

In a brown cardigan and blue dress wearing summery clothes
A Port Fairy beauty she bloomed like a rose
For her youthful beauty her i could not help but admire
One of the very finest in the coastal Moyne Shire

The sun shining bright in a sky blue ands gray
She did bring a flutter of joy to my day
The nesting magpie larks were singing peewee
And Nature in her full bloom was all around me

The nesting birds singing on the sunlit bushes and trees
And her wavy golden hair tossing in the breeze
The warmth in her smile brought some joy to my day
As with a spring in her walk she went on her way.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Winners World After All

Those seen to be as successful and the never do well
Of their journeys in life do have stories to tell
Though only a few have their stories published in book form to be sold
One may say of this the same story of old
Never a biography of the poor of any town
For few do wish to read of the financially down
In a Human World where millions of people are smitten by fame
Few wish to know of any pauper by name
The impressionable masses big egos create
It is they who decide who is famous and great
Yet life's so called losers those of few wish to know
In numbers Worldwide every day does grow
Those whose names never appear on a memorial wall
As it always was it remains a winners World after all.

It Does Seem Way Beyond Me

It does seem way beyond me for to explain
Why people are lauded by many for their material gain
Human greed for money is out of control
And on our Earth Mother has been taking it's toll
It should not be a cause for celebration or a sense of pride
That for her resources by greedy people our Earth Mother is being destroyed
The one who feeds us we abuse every day
But future generations of people for our mistakes will pay
Everyday Worldwide old growth trees are cut down
For to build more polluting factories in every city and town
We pollute earth's waterways and for her resources dig up her ground
And due to human destruction of their natural habitat wildlife in numbers no longer abound
And it seems way beyond me for to explain
Why we keep abusing the one who does feed us for financial gain.

Jack And Ann

Old Jack has grown tired of Ann his old wife
He says that love has gone out of their life
They did love each other back when they were young
Long before she developed the nagging tongue

It has been awhile since they have had their last kiss
Six decades of marriage and not all of it bliss
Ann is no longer lovely to behold
Women lose their beauty as they grow old

Sleeping in separate beds under the one roof
That love is dead between them seems enough of proof
Of each other no longer with nice things to say
When love it dies it is always this way

Jack with his aged divorcee drinks in the local pub
And Ann with her old lover dines in the bowling club
Years ago between them love it did glow
Until apart in their ways eventually they did grow.

Sixty years under the one roof in time quite a span
But love is long dead between Jack and Ann
In their mid eighties their best days long gone
And time on their lives ever keeps ticking on.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Who Your True Friends Are

When survival for you has become an uphill fight
And nothing in your life for you is going right
One of those doing it tough on the poor side of the town
You come to know who your friends are when you are feeling down
Those you thought were your frirends from you have turned away
But your true friend as your friend in your tough times does stay
When you had plenty money you were not short of friends in the local public bar
But only now you realize who your true friends are
Wealthy people though their admirers in numbers do grow
Who their true friends are they will never know
That money speaks every language only true for to say
And never more so than in the Human World of today
And now that you are down you have come to realize
Who your true friends are this is not a surprise.

How It Seems To Me

Through different eyes difference we do see
And with what i believe in many may disagree
Where i live today is where i am meant to be
Since i am one who believes on life's destiny
In Illowa in September near the prime of the Spring
Such greenery to the countryside Nature does bring
The wildborn nesting birds sing all day long
And most of them quite distinctive in their chirpings and song
The breeding frogs singing in pond, dam and drain
And the paddocks looking so green after the recent rain
Between the showers the sun it does shine out again
With such pleasant weather how can one complain
Illowa in the Moyne Shire is where i am meant to be
At least anyway is how it seems to me.

The Powlett River

From the hills above Kilcunda it meandes it's way down
Through the scrubland near the Pacific in it's babbling tongue of brown
As old as the land it flows in close to Wonthaggi Town
It's strong links to the Dreamtime one of it's claims to renown

On warm Summer days centuries ago in the shade of the trees
By the river now known as Powlett South Gippsland's first people had their corroborees
They had their social evenings of dancing and of song
The ancient tribe of people known as the Bunurong

They enjoyed their social gatherings and played their didgeridoos
And in the scrublands with their dingos they hunted kangaroos
But time brings with it changes and nothing seems to last
Though they live in oral history from cednturies of the past

To the Powlett countryside the Seasons come and go
And time that is never ending becomes everybody's foe
But the river from the high ground will babble on forever more
Through the scrublands of Kilcunda to the brown Pacific shore.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Poor James Clarence Mangan

With rich people he never did wine and dine
On his forty sixth year he died in Dublin in eighteen forty nine
It is said of consumption and in dire poverty
That he was Ireland's greatest poet some would agree

In his lifetime poor James Clarence Mangan was not widely known
But in death in literary circles his legend has grown
His best poems are read and recited today
That he was a genius in truth one can say

Few happy days in life by him were seen
The poet of A Vision Of Connacht, A Woman Of Three Cows and Dark Rosaleen
The leading poet of the Ireland of his time
He died rather young in his poetic prime

In his lifetime a stranger to wealth and to fame
But his today is a great literary name
A poor man who knew only of hard times and died rather young
And surely his praises deserve to be sung

One who deserves to be remembered as a great Irish poet
James Clarence Mangan his life to poetry did devote
And though he breathed his last in his poetic prime
His poems have outlived him by one hundred and sixty eight years of time.

Leave It To Others

That self praise is no praise happens to be true
Leave it to others to praise you if praise is your due
In the twenty first century self promotion with many is an in thing
The self centered their own praises do love to sing

So many willing to tell you of how successful they are
Of their recent job promotion or the size of their brand new car
In truth they are prisoners of their own self conceit
Than their sort a down to earth person much preferable to meet

On saying the quiet achievers nowadays are of the few
Is not saying anything that is in anyway new
Whilst many of their own success stories with others only too willing to share
The narcissistic inclined are no longer rare

At social gatherings and wherever people do meet
Many for attention with each other compete
In the twenty first century self promotion is an in thing
So many their own praises only too willing to sing.

The More You Learn From Life

The more you learn from life the more you realize
That you do know so little this not a surprise
You learn as you live something new every day
We never stop learning life is this way
You have been learning from life before you learned how to crawl
And they have no more to learn those who think they know it all
But ignorance can be bliss one does have to suppose
And knowledge it does seem does have many foes
Life's lessons as is said are not in the few
And every day from it we learn something new
To say knowledge is endless is not a lie
We never stop learning until the day we do die
We have been learning from life before we learned how to crawl
And the know all is one who knows little at all.

Monday, September 25, 2017

You Are As Old As You Feel You Are

You are as old as you feel you are seems true to say
Some feel old in their twenties since they think in this way
With each individual age is a relative thing
And eternal youth is only a dream that many to does cling
Yet i know an old fellow he is eighty five
A wrinkled though healthy old bloke not lacking in sexual drive
Since his partner in her mid fifties to her friends does confide
That in her sexual life she is well satisfied
He keeps himself fit jogs for an hour every day
Though the hair on his balding head is silver gray
And though some of him does say he is on his life's final page
He is in better physical shape than many nen half of his age
You are as old as you feel you are is how it seems to be
Though many with this would choose to disagree.

The River Of Three Names

Home of brown trout, wild duck, otters, moorhens and the shy and elusive water rails
The River of three names Annagloor, Kales or Cails
From it's birthplace in the high Lake of Kippagh it journeys on down
To join the Finnow just west of Millstreet Town
From the high Lake of Kippagh the old waterway
On foot i followed it's course on a sunny Summer's day
The sun on their wings as upwards they did fly
The brown larks were carolling in the blue and gray sky
With a chestnut brown tongue that is never still
Through the knee high bracken it babbles downhill
And swollen by field drains in Ballydaly into a bigger waterway grow
Where the dark brown dippers are singing the waterbirds of breasts white as snow
When i was fit and younger long before time became my foe
I followed it's course from Kippagh to Claraghatlea many decades ago.

If You Trust Politicians

If you trust politicians then your trust will be betrayed
Since most of them have broken most of the promises they have made
Most of them are ineffective though they do draw a huge pay
They behave like unruly children in Parliament every sitting day
For what is wrong in the Country each other they do blame
They taunt and tease each other in their name calling game
So few politicians honorable or decent in any way
Yet they are our reflective mirrors which does seem sad to say
Most politicians to a straight forward question give an ambiguous reply
And if the truth does hurt them the truth they will deny
Every sitting day in Parliamwent at each other they do shout
One would expect more of a member of Parliament than behave like a lout
If you trust a politician more than likely your trust will be betrayed
Since most of them have broken most of the promises they have made.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Their Business Not Mine

The negative opinions of me by others does suit me fine
Since this is their business and their business not mine
No shortage of opinionated people in any town
Some people find pleasure in their words putting others down
With the opinionated their opinions on others is a power thing
And though their negative opinions to them may have a mental sting
It does take all kinds one does have to suppose
And those bad at making friends are good at making foes
To the negative opinions on me of others i pay little heed
If such things bothered me i would be in mental trouble indeed
Since these people do not support me in any sort of a way
I am not going to lose any sleep on negative things that others of me does say
And their negative opinions on me does suit me fine
Since this is their business and their business not mine.

You Are Only As Good

You only can live to be the best you can be
And do your own little bit for humanity
And be kind to others and be willing to give
You are only as good as how you choose how to live
Some live for self only and sadly their sort not rare
Perhaps as children they were never learned on how for to share
Of more of compassionate and kind people humanity is in need
The source of the pollution of our Earth Mother comes from human greed
The way you choose to live your life says more about you
Than the written or spoken word can ever hope to do
Be kind to other people and creatures and to our Earth Mother respect show
Since she is the one that food for us does grow
Those who are generous in giving in return can expect to receive
On such a life philosophy i for one does believe.

You Who Believe

You who believe you are better than others will come to realize that this is not so
Though you are young now time that rusts iron as it is to all others will become your foe
Time that eventually makes everyone equal on how long you will live will have the final say
There is no difference between lifeless bodies everyone is equal where dead people lay
What use now to the deceased celebrities though buildings and streets in their honor have their name
Their deceased bones than the bones of a deceased pauper no better only the living reap the rewards of money and fame
They were celebrated but time than them far greater time that renders the fittest and strongest as weak
With every tick of the clock we do grow older you and i even do age as we speak
Eternal youth is a myth little else more though of youth and beauty songs are written and sung
Everything of life in time is aging any life form does not remain young
Sooner or later death it will claim us the longer you live the sooner you will die
Only the most deluded believe they will live forever immortal life for the body is based on a lie
You who believe you are better than others when death approaches will come to realize
That you were so misguided in your thinking and this in itself is not any surprise.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Big Andy And Kate

Big Andy a fellow who drinks at the local he carries his pride in the national flag
With five or six beers in his loud voice grows louder of his love of country he does love to brag
He does not like migrants says they do not fit in their own countries how come they did not stay?
Though his mother and father happen to be migrants They were born and raised in a land far away
A tall dark haired broad shouldered fellow in his early twenties his partner the talkative well built brunette Kate
Of similar interest they share much in common in her he surely has found a soulmate
She too talks loudly when she has a few beers in and his mistrust of migrants she also does share
She says the most of them are social spongers enjoy the good life and live off of welfare
Keep their neighbors awake playing their loud foreign music and get drunk on cheap wine their sort no longer rare
Big Andy and kate plan to marry and have children each to their own as the wise one does say
Their offsprings most likely will grow to mistrust migrants and never mix with people who are gay
At the local pub on a Saturday evening Big Andy and Kate with their friends socialize
That their friends to them in their thinking are not any different this in itself is not any surprise.

Your Greatest Gift

Many people desire great riches and fame
And that people Worldwide should know them by name
The yearn for recognition in many it does seem
The admiration of others is known to boost self esteem

But what success in itself does entail does seem hard to define
Your views on this would be different to mine
On some things most people for to differ agree
The one who is successful to you may not be so to me

There is more to living of life than for the me, myself and i
Those who believe on such do believe their own lie
Millions of people you well may impress
But the greatest gift you have is not personal success

You may be quite wealthy and one of the widely known
And many great houses and properties you well may own
The impressionable people you well may impress
But your life is the greatest gift that you possess.

In Park Lake Pertobe

A windsy day in Park Lake Pertobe in September near the prime of the Spring
The nesting songbirds on the trees do chirp whistle and sing
Some of the moorhens, swamphens, coots and little grebes that in or near the lake do breed
Already have their Spring's first young to care for and to feed
September in Park Lake Pertobe is a lovely time of year
The warbling songs of the magpies always a joy to hear
The yellow billed male glossy black birds with the distinctive song
Once seen and once heard these familiar birds one never again could get wrong
The silver gulls above the lake are mewing as they fly
In Middle Island bordered by the sea and the Merri river they breed to Park Lake Pertobe nearby
And the magpie larks building their cup shaped nest of mud on fork of branch of tree
Do live up to their known nickname by their song of pee wee
On a sunless September day in Lake Pertobe of a pleasant seventeen degrees
The pleasant songs of the nesting birds carrying in the freshening breeze
The weather for the time of year quite typical though windy not too cool
On a nice place for to visit near the City of Warnambool.

Friday, September 22, 2017

But At Least He Inspired Me

He said to me you are just a rhyming buff
A poetaster at best you write terrible stuff
Do yourself a favor by giving penning of doggerel away
Not everyone of me has nice things for to say
But to him i did make it obviously clear
That his sort of advice i did not wish to hear
Just one i do know who is lacking in ruth
But what caused hurt to my feelings to him was his truth
People like he is with their words are never discreet
He is one of those people i would rather not meet
His type before thinking always speak twice
And are arrogant and verbally hurtful and not very nice
Conversing with his sort just a waste of time
But at least he inspired me for to pen this rhyme.

In History They Live On

It will not matter to you if you are remembered or not
So many good people in death are forgot
The names of some very bad people have lived on in time
Though they have been the perpetrators of many a bad crime
That very bad people are remembered for their crimes seems all wrong to me
Their names ought to be wiped from human history
That many good people in death are forgotten seems a sad thing to say
It is far worse to be forgotten than remembered even though not in a good way
So many good deceased people who in life never committed a crime
Have been lost to memory in the decades of time
Whoever does tell you that crime does not pay
Bad criminals are not forgotten when from life they do pass away
The World's worst criminals though life's breath from them long gone
Are remembered today in history they live on.

Trust From Once Broken

Like the balloon that bursts as it floats in the air
Trust from once broken seems beyond repair
The one you lose trust in is no longer your friend
This often does happen when friendships does end
On those you do not trust you will never confide
These are the people you wish to avoid
With them you do not have anything for to share
And to converse with them does not have time to spare
There cannot be bonding where there is lack of trust
In any friendship trust is a must
To those you do not trust respect you find hard to show
These are the people you would rather not know
Like the balloon that bursts as it floats in the air
Trust from once broken seems beyond repair.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


His yearn for the wander did bring him far south
Of the fields of the badger and waterways of the brown trout
And his better days in life he surely has seen
Kenny from the countryside north of Aberdeen
One who never did have children or a wife
Though last year he lost Jane to cancer she was the love of his life
They had been together for twenty five years
He cared for her in her illness and farwelled her in tears
In his life's seventy eight year his balding head silver gray
He retains the accent he brought with him from far away
An amiable fellow well liked and well known
Without the woman he loved growing old on his own
Though good memories of his younger years he does retain
Kenny will never see Scotland again.

Who We Look Up To

Those that you admire says more about you
Than any words could ever hope for to do
The one you admire most you wish to emulate
Our own mortal gods in our minds we create
Admiration can cloud human flaws in our eyes
We learn as we live most do come to realize
Those we look up to mere mortals just like you and i
We are born to life to eventually die
We all need our heroes or heroines one has to suppose
But the poor person looks wealthy dressed in expensive clothes
As has often been said appearance can deceive
But what our eyes tell us we only wish to believe
Most of us have our heroes and heroines it does seem this way
And who we look up to of us says more than words can say.

In Green Old Lisnaboy

Good memories live on in us and remain as a source of joy
I often think of happy Summer days in green old Lisnaboy
When i was a primary schoolgoing lad more than a decade from my physical prime
This now seems many years ago some six decades of time

From the sunlit Summer meadows the sweet scent of grass mowed for hay
Come wafting to my memory from Duhallow far away
With the sun on their dark wings chasing flying insects in the sky
The migratory barn swallows did chirp as they did fly

On looking back the Seasons time seems to hurry by
The young birds in the hedges chirped in the warmth of July
The wildborn brown honeybees were buzzing gathering nectar from Nature's flowers
In the old fields looking lush and green after recent Summer showers

Good memories of our younger years a lifetime with us stay
In the shade of the leafy trees the cud chewing cattle lay
Such scenes of rural beauty in memory does remain
And on my flights of fancy i go back home again

Us people like the Seasons come and go but the old fields look much the same
And most of them i do recall had their own given name
Old memories last a lifetime and are mine to enjoy
Of my many happy Summer days in green old Lisnaboy.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Autocrat

Though the majority of the Nation's people his praises will not sing
The old man loves power and to power he does cling
And he hopes to cling to power until the day he does die
That power does corrupt is not a lie

Those who oppose him too scared to speak out
His soldiers and police quite ruthless does not leave anyone in doubt
That if they do oppose him and in public any negative things of him say
That imprisonment or worse death is the price they will pay

No protests against him held in any city or town
Since people realize that any public demonstration against him would be ruthlessly put down
By his soldiers and police who would shoot to kill
The main reason for a public revolt against him there is not any will

Those who oppose him in public against him dare not speak
To keep your silence in fear of your life does not prove in any way that you are weak
To resign as leader he does not have any plan
Until he dies he hopes without any pain as a very old man.

After The Recent Heavy Rain

The countryside looking lush and green after the recent heavy rain
And brown stormwater overflowing in creek, river and drain
And flooding the paddocks by every waterway
For the past month it has rained every night and almost every day
The crop growing farmers for to plant their seed
For the ground to dry out of dry weather in need
But the long range weather forecast for the coming week says it will not be dry
That there will be more precepitation from the clouds of the sky
In coastal south west Victoria it has been a very wet Spring
But how pleasant for to hear the nesting birds sing
Of recent Springs the weather has been acting strange
But then we are in the age of Climate Change
In the ponds, dams and drains the singing frogs one does hear
Spring it is their breeding time of the year.

Sheila Becker

In Claraghatlea west of Millstreet Town her journey in life began
She was born and raised as Julia O' Sullivan
Married to the late Gay Becker a successful and honorable man
Nine decades of memories Dr Sheila Becker does span

A good mother to her family and to Gay Becker a good wife
Her life story tells of a very successful life
From the green countryside where the waterways meet
One can truly say of her the best of Millstreet

Nothing in life to Sheila ever came easily
She did work so hard for to achieve her doctorate degree
With the great gift of hope she is one who keeps faith
It is true that all things in life come to those who do wait

Her life story in book form it has been told
One can say of Sheila she has a heart of gold
She does speak her mind and is not one to pretend
And to those she does love she remains a good friend

To me it remains as a sense of regret
That in the flesh she is one i have never met
She and i were born and raised in the same countryside
And knowing of her achievements to me is a source for pride

In Michigan her own opportunities in life she did create
And recently her ninetieth birthday she did celebrate
Her family and friends did sing happy birthday
To the woman who came from a place far away.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Not Supposed To Rhyme

Most who fancy themselves as of literary note
Will tell you that a rhymer is not a poet
That twenty first century poetry is not supposed to rhyme
And rhymers are out of date by decades of time
The literary dons say blank verse is the in thing
The praises of non rhyming poets they do like to sing
The humorless writers they only promote
And rhymers to the status of poetasters they do demote
Rhyme nowadays by literary critics considered a thing of the past
But few things over time ever does seem to last
That they have the power to create literary celebrities of the literary critics it can be said
They dismiss rhymers and rhyme as of the literary dead
Who is or is not a poet the literary critics decide
And that their written words carry power of them cannot be denied.

To Your Higher Self You Cannot Be True

To your higher self you cannot be true
If you do not give to others the respect they are due
Those whom in their words put honest and good living people down
Are never the most popular people of the town
Treat other people as you would like them to treat you
To belittle others in your words is not hards for to do
The words of a wise person i do recall
If you do not have something nice to say about someone say nothing at all
There are two sides to respect as everyone know
The one you disrespect any respect to you will not show
Of the praises of niceness i feel happy to sing
To be nice to others does not cost one a thing
To your higher self you cannot be true
If you do not give to others the respect they are due.

Since You Never Harm Anyone

Since you never harm anyone in any way
Why worry what some others of you have to say
Wise words of wisdom today i recall
That you well may win many but you will not win them all
On saying this i am not saying anything that is new
That our unpaid judges are not of the few
For being opinionated and judgmental they are quite well known
One wonders if their sort does have lives of their own
Some people in their words find pleasure on putting down
The nicest and kindest people of the town
Humanity is comprised of all sorts i suppose
They become short of friends those who like to make foes
Though good things for others you have been known to do
Not everyone will have nice things for to say about you.

Monday, September 18, 2017

A Long Way From Here

A long way from here to where the waterways meet
Near the County Cork Duhallow Town of Millstreet
But in fancy i can hear a male song thrush sing
On a tree by Finnow on an evening in Spring

For as long as i live good memories i will retain
Of what was for me but will not be again
When the old fields were decked in their wildflowers of May
And the nesting birds whistled and sang all the day

The dark barn swallows chirped as they did fly
In pursuit of flying insects in the blue and gray sky
And the familiar song of the migratory cuckoo distinctive and clear
From late Spring to late Summer quite pleasant to hear

We only have memories of the what used to be
But the now is what matters as most would agree
The clocks on our lives ever keep ticking fast
At the stroke of midnight today will be of the past

In Claraghatlea in life my first homeplace
Mine to many there today would be a stranger's face
Time that rusts iron is now telling on me
And i only have memories of the what used to be.

Poet John

His inspiration well has dried his best days long gone
Though his best poems will outlive him the old poet John
Unmarried and childless in his mid eighties Ann the woman to be his wife
In her mid twenties in a motor car accident lost her life
On grieving her passing he discovered poetry
In his best poems he has created his own history
For many years he was the region's leading poet
And by the literary critics one seen as of literary note
But it looks like that time has become the poet's foe
His last poem by him written a few years ago
A nice man by many well liked and well known
As a poet he was once in a class of his own
He wrote his last poem a few years ago
It does look like time has become Poet John's foe.

John Twomey The Poet Of Ivale

When i was a boy he was in his physical prime
But this is going back many decades in time
With words he was one who did have a way
And many of his poems and songs are living today

Beyond the green borders of the Duhallow countryside
John Twomey The Poet Of Ivale was known far and wide
In song and verse Duhallow and it's people by him glorified
To know of a poet of his stature to many was a sense of pride

But sadly in Kilcorney he did not stay
And if living he would be an old man today
Duhallow's bard of the people when i was a boy
His poems and songs to many remain as a source of joy

Though in the flesh him i never did meet
He was famous when i was a boy in Millstreet
His poems by many recited and his songs often sung
Time leaves all feeling older but memories remain young

The poems and songs have withstood the test of time
Of John Twomey Duhallow's last laureate of rhyme
There is none in Duhallow quite like him today
With words he was one who did have a way.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Your Past May Be Gone

Your past may be gone but memories of it with you will remain
And the mental images you do retain
Of people you knew in the long ago
When you were far younger long before time became your foe
The people you knew in your teen years and physical prime
Whom in physical appearance would have changed over the Seasons of time
Today them if you did meet them you may not recognize
That most people change as they age is not any surprise
Tomorrow will dawn and yesterday has gone
And the clocks on our lives ever keep ticking on
Live in the present as the wise one does say
Make the most of the now and the now is today
Good and bad memories are all we retain of the past
And our biological clocks ever keep ticking fast.

The People You Wish That You Never Had Met

The people you wish that you never had met
Yet they are the people that you cannot forget
Though their wrongs against you in the past you forgive
Memories of them until death with you will live
People to you who have been cruel and unkind
For as long as you live may linger in your mind
Though the now is what matter and the past it has gone
Bad memories like good memories with you live on
Not every good friendship a lifetime does last
But we only can learn from our mistakes of the past
The wrongs that others do unto you
In the workings of Karma unto themselves they do
The people you wish that you never had met
For all the wrong reasons you will never forget.

A Life Of Enduring Love

A life of enduring love and happiness is based on a lie
We grow too old to love though not quite ready to die
Love as is said is not always young of heart
And few stay in love until death does them part

The rose quick to bloom also quick to decay
The one you love now you may not love until your life's final day
Together for at least fifty years of their life
They have grown tired of each other the old bloke and his wife

With many grandchildren their genes to carry on
Though love between them in the forever gone
That they loved each other truly happened to be so
But this for them ended a long time ago

Not saying anything that happens to be new
Those who love each other until death are only in the few
For love that is unconditional you can only depend
On your dog who does remain as your lifetime friend

On love between human beings there is a use by date
And so few fifty years of marriage do celebrate
Of the praises of love the romantic may like to sing
But enduring love between people is a very rare thing.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

In Yarpturk Today

The sun behind gray clouds is hidden away
But a Blackbird is singing in Yarpturk today
His plain brown mate well camouflaged from the predator eye
Sits hatching her green brown spotted eggs in her nest in a bush nearby
A showery September day in the Moyne Shire in the wind and the rain
The breeding frogs are singing in every pond, dam and drain
From long dry spells to weeks of wind and rain the weather of late years acting strange
Perhaps these are the true symptons of climate change
Though the nest building wild birds chirp, whistle and sing
Weatherwise a hark back to Winter in the early Spring
In climate change the weather can change quickly as climate scientists do say
Yesterday sun and clear skies and wind and rain today
Perched on top of a bare branch a male blackbird does sing
In the wind and the rain of Yarpturk in Spring.

The Good You Do For Others

Live and let live as the wise one does say
And from those in need of your help never turn away
The good you do for others says more about you
Than material achievements can ever do
So many poor people in life doing it tough
Homeless and hungry living and sleeping rough
Poverty can be of varying degrees
In the refugee camps of the World millions of refugees
I do feel lucky quite lucky indeed
Of any of life's necessities i am never in need
The majority of the material wealth of the World is owned by the greedy few
But this is not saying anything that is new
There is more to life than living for i, myself and me
The self centered does little for humanity.

A Good Rhyming Day

I leave it to those who feel worthy of literary note
To lay claim to the honorable title of poet
Since a rhymer at best is the best i can be
It was my love of rhyme made a rhymer of me

On this blustery and showery September Spring day
The sun behind gray clouds is hidden away
A male blackbird is singing whilst his brown mate sits in her cup shaped nest
With the black birds of the future in the warm eggs neath her feathery breast

The birds due to their song known to many as pee wee
The magpie larks build their nest of mud on fork of branch of a tree
Dainty black and white birds with the familiar song
Once seen and once heard one can never agin get them wrong

The warbling flute like notes of the magpies always pleasant to hear
On weather typical enough for the time of year
But far warmer weather and sky sunny and clear
To the southern Country with each passing day near

Though my worth as a rhymer i have reason to doubt
In Nature plenty of things for to write rhymes about
The wild birds are singing in the park by the bay
And despite the showery weather this is a good rhyming day.

Friday, September 15, 2017

When Compared To Jim

I feel rather lucky when compared to Jim
Of late things have not been going well for him
A grandfather in his mid seventies healthwise not feeling well
The years on him clearly beginning to tell

His now ex wife of four decades in her late sixties Jan
Of late did forsake him for a younger man
To her he was devoted but with him she did not stay
Love can have it's heartaches it is always this way

A religious man he goes to church every day
To worship his god and with head bowed kneel to pray
And though for her leaving him Jan he does forgive
Without her life for him much harder to live

He feels very lonely living on his own
And it can be said of him better days he has known
The short clipped hair on his balding head is silver gray
In the park one i see often though not every day

With type one diabetes his health on the fail
He looks rather weary and wrinkled and frail
He does have his worries and time is his foe
Though he always does greet me with a friendly hello.

Many People Could Tell You

Many people could tell you of their good and bad years
And of their days of laughter and their days of tears
In life there is many an up and a down
For most of the people who live in your town

The Seasons pass quickly beyond our lives prime
And eventually we all become victims of time
We are born as mortals ands mortals must die
The same for the celebrity as for you and i

So many poor people in the World of today
Who only know of life in the toughest way
In refugee camps millions of refugees
Even poverty does come at varying degrees

The drought ravaged regions and war zones they have fled
For them no four course dinners or comfortable bed
With little hope of happiness of them ahead
Not surprising many of them feel they would be better off dead

Of life many people have stories to tell
Of their days of laughter and their days of hell
And eventually time does take care of us all
Like the golden grain of Autumn to life's reaper we do fall.

By the Merri In September

The sky overcast looks like rain on the way
In the parks by the Merri on this September day
The warbling songs so pleasant to hear
Of the magpies who sing every day of the year
Near where the dark waters of the Merri from it's source far away
Enters the Pacific by Middle Island at Lady Bay
Near the south west Victoria's coastal City of Warrnambool
Where the weather though not warm is also not too cool
Though the weather can be changeable in the early Spring
It is nice for to hear the nest building birds sing
The breeding frogs singing in every pond and drain
And the coastal parks and paddocks looking quite green after the recent rain
On a weather high temperature of a very pleasant seventeen
Such beauty in Nature every day to be seen.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Some Of Them

I know that some of them in Duhallow did stay
And like me the years are showing on them today
And some of them with the deceased now does lay
That time does take it's toll only true to say

Some of them from Duhallow are aging far away
From where they first looked on the bright lamp of day
With only the memories of the what used to be
Until death of nostalgia will set them free

For some our journeys in life took us to Lands elsewhere
To places and towns and cities in the big World out there
And to live in the now is the best one can do
On this respect what applies to me also applies to you

Some of them in Duhallow did choose to remain
And some of them will never see the Boggeraghs again
From their villages and towns they are aging far
And some at peace forever where dead people are.


Their kind are seen in fields and woods and parks and gardens of the town
Yellow billed male blackbird is a glossy bird his female partner is plain and brown
Through her lifetime she is a silent one and he sings in the Spring
The blackbird's distinctive melodious song to hear is always a pleasant thing
Familiar Eurasian thrushes they have been introduced Worldwide
They like to live near hedgerows and bushy trees where from predators they do hide
Three to five green brown spotted eggs the female bird does lay
In a cup shaped nest that is bound with mud and often lined with moss, dried grass or hay
Birds quite familiar in their range that one sees every day
Near where human dwellings and houses are they often like to stay
Distinctive in appearance and in the male's beautiful song
Familiar in parks and gardens to the thrush family they belong
The melodious song of the male blackbird in the Spring of the year
At dawn and in the twilight after sundown so pleasant for to hear.