Saturday, January 21, 2017

At The Warrnambool January Friday Evening Market

At the Warrnambool Friday evening market in Lake Pertobe Park
Entertainment and business there goes on until dark
Food stall holders as well as stall holders there of every sort
Competing with each other for customer support
The laughter of children quite a joyous thing
With the amusement park nearby going at full swing
Lake Pertobe Park on a Friday evening in January
For holidaymakers and residents of Warrnambool is the place to be
A City where people do visit from places far and near
January in Warrnambool is a happy and sunny and breezy time of year
People young and old swimming where the waters of the Merri enters the Pacific at Lady Bay
Warrnambool in January a beautiful seaside City for a Holiday
At The Friday evening market in Lake Pertobe Park and the amusement park nearby
The sweet sound of laughter echo to the sky.

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