Thursday, January 26, 2017

Australia Day 2017

For many in the Southern Country a day of national pride
Great celebrations taking place in towns and cities Nationwide
The national flags and the buntings being waved in a great patriotic display
By young and by old on Australia Day
But many of Australia's first people do not agree
That the date for Australia Day celebrations should be the twenty sixth of January
They claim that Australia Day should be moved to another date
A day that they too can feel happy for to celebrate
On Australia day young and old celebrate and the praises of their beloved Country do sing
And though love of and pride in Country can be a good thing
Australia's first people are quite justified
On wanting to change the Australia Day date so they too can feel some national pride
They call Australia Day Invasion Day which is only too true
And surely a change of date for the big day is overdue.

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