Sunday, January 8, 2017

Despite Your Greatest Achievement

Despite your greatest achievement only one thing on you can depend
That you will not be living forever your life journey will come to an end
In cemeteries all over the World the deceased wealthy and famous lay
Their money and material possessions from them did not keep life's reaper away
The Reaper of lives does not have friends and treats every life as the same
The one who cannot be bribed with money is the one who does not respect fame
You may be a person of great influence one of the wealthiest people of the town
But the Reaper of lives does come reaping and mows every tall poppy down
The Reaper of lives does claim the lives of the pauper and the billionaire
The one known as the equalizer anyone's life has not been known to spare
No matter how wealthy and successful a person that you happen to be
To the Reaper of lives you are just one more who was born into mortality
The human body does not live forever since the body is born for to die
This is a fact of our existence and fact as we know does not lie.

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