Saturday, January 28, 2017


Dino will not be going back to Milan i feel content where i am he does say
Why should i return to a City where i would be a stranger today
My brother and sister now deceased in Milan their last remains lay
Not been back since i left sixty five years ago from there i have been so long away

A widowed octogenarian great granddad the years have left him bald and gray
In Warrnambool by the Pacific where he feels content he will stay
Where he will look on his last sunset a last night and day for us all
For everyone of us there is a last Winter a last Spring and Summer and Fall

In Lake Pertobe Park i often see him walking with his brown and white jack russell terrier Joe
A dog he got at the dog pound as a puppy going back in time two years ago
He is well known and well liked in Warrnambool the man who does not have a foe
He is quite an amiable person to everyone he says hello

Dino will not be going back to Milan where he was born and attended primary school
He is happy in south west Victoria in the coastal City of Warrnambool
With his dog Joe in Lake Pertobe Park he like to go walking when the sun is in the southern sky
And the dark welcome swallows in pursuit of flying insects above the lake chirp as they fly.

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