Monday, January 16, 2017

Eddie Everywhere

He is a man of many travels in the back of beyond he has been there
Known to some simply as Eddie and to others Eddie Everywhere
One who loves driving and travel he has been there and done that
As he age he is not growing wiser but he is not aging and growing fat

One who likes for to go fishing he owns a boat and motor car
To inland lakes and rivers and coastal sea bays To fish he does travel far
For miles around Eddie will tell you of every worthwhile to visit fishing spot
When it comes to fish and fishing he is one who knows quite a lot

Eddie known to be a talker some say of him he waffles on
Fit for his age but in truth of him his better physical days are gone
Gray haired in his mid fifties to sixties without a woman in his life
He would like one young and pretty as a partner or a wife

For Eddie no fatty bumbar he likes women young and slim
Aging women with some weight on most surely not the type for him
Yet as women goes for him disappointment since they do not come knocking on his door
To Eddie they are not attracted in their choice of man he is not to the fore

He is a man of many places always busy on the go
Yet like all he is not getting younger time too has become his foe
He has been on many road trips in the wide brown land out there
One with heaps of stories of his many travels aging Eddie Everywhere.

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