Thursday, January 5, 2017


I grew up among the creators of elitism in a land far away
And i live near the creators of elitism today
Some things do not change they are with us to stay
And in the case of elitism this does seem sad to say

The parents of aspirational children were boasting to me
Our son and daughter are in college working towards a degree
Our daughter will be a doctor our son an engineer
Though sometimes things of no benefit to you out of politeness you feel obliged to hear

Elitism in their family they felt proud to support
You will find it in every day life and you will find it in sport
For many years elitism does seem the in thing
Though i for one it's praises never could sing

Those who support elitism help to support social rank
And for inequality in the Human World in some ways we have them for to thank
And that elitism is rife in the Human World of today
Does seem quite a sad thing for to have to say.

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