Monday, January 2, 2017

I Am Not One Of The High Achievers

I am not one of the high achievers in life you have been my greatest win
Every time that you are near me i feel love bubbling within
Loving you a marvelous feeling that in words i cannot explain
I hope that until death we will be together and in my life you will remain
I have loved you through many Seasons and though you and i long past our prime
Our love only has grown stronger and has withstood the test of time
I feel so lucky to have met you our love through the years does grow
Beautiful and wise and clever you do have the inner glow
Some men they are not so lucky love for them it does not last
They grow old as sad and lonely thinking of love of the past
Compared to them i do feel lucky i found love that remains true
I feel quite a privileged person to have found one as good as you.

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