Thursday, January 26, 2017

I Do Envy Those

I do envy those in a sort of a way
Who in their hometown did choose for to stay
And there raise their children and grow old and gray
And never yearn to travel to Lands far away

In where they live to many their's is a known face
Those who do have in them a strong sense of place
They never yearn to live in great cities elsewhere
Home to millions of migrants in the bigger World out there

Yes i do envy them in truth i can say
Since they too could have traveled but at home choose to stay
In or near where they were born they will live their last day
And be buried in the cemetery where their ancestors lay

The stay at home people to home do belong
The love of place in them till death remain strong
Of the bug of wander they are totally free
The bigger World out there they have no wish to see

Home is the place you were born in to them not a lie
And there they will live till the day they do die
Happy for to grow old among their own
Where they are loved and respected and to most people known.

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