Wednesday, January 18, 2017

In Yarpturk Today

The grass growing in the paddocks the color of hay
It is warm and humid in Yarpturk today
A weather high for the afternoon of twenty eight degrees
Without any coolness in the warm freshening breeze

Blowing from the ocean through the coastal Moyne Shire
In the prime of Summer always a high risk of bush fire
To be started by a pyromaniac or a lightning strike maybe
The threat of fire always high in January

Though recently shorn sheep by the trees are panting in the shade
For to cope well with warm conditions their sort are not made
The air full of the buzzing of bush flies and bees
And white butterflies are dancing in the warm breeze

With the sun on their dark wings chirping as they fly
Welcome swallows in pursuit of flying insects fly
Above the dry paddocks the color of hay
In warm and humid old Yarpturk today.

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