Saturday, January 14, 2017

Koroit's Lake School

In the Lake School of music in Koroit Town the craic it is great
In the sessions in the pubs there they party till late
Till the wee hours of the morning they drink and they play
Music, song and laughter the best of medicine as some are known to say
The first week of January is often a humid and warm time of year
But in Koroit the sounds of music and laughter one does hear
In the pubs and on the streets for six nights and six days
How the merry makers party on in humid and warm weather simply does amaze
In Koroit in the first week of January near the City of Warrnambool
The music of Ireland reign in the Lake School
From far beyond the Moyne Shire in Victoria's south west countryside
People come to Koroit for the Lake School from places far and wide
The music from the pubs can be heard on the street
In Koroit in early January where the Celtic musicians meet.

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