Sunday, January 22, 2017

Life Without Them Does Go On

Many who thought they were irreplaceable where the deceased are now lay
And life and business in the World without them is going on today
They were looked on as important till life's reaper came reaping their way
Death is the great equalizer as the wise person does say
Many wealthy and famous women and men to the ways of time have gone
But in death they proved to be expendable as life without them does go on
Those who believe that they are irreplaceable with their self importance gets carried away
Money cannot buy life's Reaper the one who creates decay
Nature's terminator life's Reaper treats every life as the same
The lives of the poor and the hungry and the lives of those of great wealth and fame
Before the unavoidable sword of death like ripened corn do fall
Us humans are born as mortals and as mortals death is for us all
Those who thought that they were irreplaceable their gift of life from them has gone
But they were quite wrong in their thinking since life without them does go on.

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