Saturday, January 21, 2017

Love Of Place

The migrants who retain love of their homeland
Is something perhaps not hard to understand
But most people in their ways see things differently
And love of place does seem more natural to me

Memories of where i spend my younger years
Has often brought me close to nostalgic tears
Of a place that i do think about every day
Though from there i have been long gone and i live far away

Many migrants of their love of their homeland love to sing
But love of country can be a nationalistic thing
Soldiers in war zones for flag and country have died
Love of homeland can be linked to nationalistic pride

But love of homeland is different to love of place in every way
As chalk is from cheese as the wise one does say
All good and bad memories they only can trace
To a part of their country that is known as place

That many profess a great love of homeland
Is something i find easy to understand
Though love of place does seem more natural to me
Suppose many of us in our ways look at things differently.

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