Monday, January 23, 2017

Not Everyone Can Be A Winner

Not everyone can be a winner for one to win others must lose
Though losing is something it does seem that anyone would never choose
I cannot say i know of any loser with herself or himself satisfied
It is only always the winner who does have the broad smile of pride
Without losers there would not be winners since humanity works in this way
And there are far more losers than winners in the Human World of today
But death is the great equalizer to rich or to poor not a friend
All of us on a life's journey a journey for us that must end
The longest lived human life is not that long and time becomes everyone's foe
The one slowed by the passing of the Seasons was a young person not that long ago
The praises of the wealthy and famous the impressionable masses may sing
But as is said of success and failure it can be a relative thing
The same can also be said of so called winners and losers in the Human World of today
Since most on this have an opinion and few see things in the same way.

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