Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Old Nothing To Say

A very old fellow who does not dress well
But he has his own life experiences that to anyone he does not tell
Of the war that he fought in from here far away
Long before you or i first saw the light of day

Well into his nineties without children or wife
He is one who has lived a very long life
He always dresses informal with him appearance don't lie
I have yet to see him in a collar and tie

Though locally by sight to many he is known
He does not have friends he is always on his own
Time has left him bare headed and wrinkled and gray
The one known to many as Old Nothing To Say

On his war medals for bravery he does not feel pride
He survived the killing fields where many died
Yet he lives by his feelings one not to pretend
The street war parades he does never attend

Of his life's adventures he does not wish to talk about
For years his war memories from his mind he has tried to block out
Though in battle he was one who had proved himself quite brave
His guilt at being a war survivor he will take to his grave

A tribeless old fellow yet nobody's fool
In the pub drinking beer he sits on a stool
Where young males in small groups discuss their topics of the day
He sits there in silence with nothing to say.

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