Friday, January 6, 2017

On Their Mission They They Have Succeeded

The literary critics and university literary dons from the people took rhyme
The what used to be known as poetry of another time
Not invited to read at any important twenty first century poetry reading the old fashioned rhymer poet
In literary circles nowadays their sort not seen as worthy of literary note

Rhyming poetry was of all people it transcended social rank
And for it's demise in most parts we have the literary elitists to thank
That rhyme is not poetry only doggerel this message they sell
And on their mission to kill it off they have done rather well

Way back in the nineteen fifties when i was a young boy
Reading rhymes of the old rhyming poets i used to enjoy
Till the literary elitists on this had their say
The old fashioned rhymers are the doggerel writers of today

What is or is not poetry it is they who decide
Their literary elitism like all forms of elitism born of a sense of pride
On the opinions of the self as if as if one's opinions should only count
But sadly their literary opinions for them to something does amount

Since they have helped to condemn rhyming poetry to the literary dustbin of time
Through the media and their written words they have dismissed it as doggerel rhyme
And on their mission they have succeeded which does seem sad to say
In the dismissing of every rhymer as a poetaster of today.

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