Friday, January 6, 2017

Say Only This Of Me

If i should die tomorrow say only this of me
He has written a lot of rhyming stuff since nineteen seventy three
He was just an addictive rhymer till death of addiction set him free
Just one more old fashioned rhymer left to fade from memory
For many Seasons of his life he was a rhyming buff
One who became known in his lifetime for penning of rhyming stuff
But he was a godless fellow since the existence of god he did deny
The term of devout person to his sort never apply
He used to say of the hereafter he would be happy in hell
If he had a pen and paper for to pen doggerel
Just one more deceased poetaster unworthy of literary note
Who used to daydream in his younger years that he might be a poet
But that daydreams are only daydreams remains as an ever true
And many believe what we receive from life happens to be our due.

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