Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Since Death Is For All

Though the fear of death is the fear of the unknown
If you are one who fears it you are not on your own
To face death without fear great courage one does need
And the one who dies brave is a brave one indeed
If i told you i do not fear death i would be telling you a lie
Like many i do not have a wish for to die
But i know that on some future night or on some future day
The Reaper of lives will come reaping my way
For the Reaper of lives does not differentiate
Between the lives of the poor and the so called great
Before the scythe of life's reaper like wheat we do fall
There will be a last night and last day for us all
A last night and day for you and a last night and day for me
Since death is for all of life one certainty.

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