Friday, January 20, 2017

The Aging Steel Fixer

On his life's journey he has made many friends but he says he is not without foes
But then this is life one does have to suppose
A widower and grandfather in his late seventies nothing ever easy in life came his way
And physically he has known of a far better day
In his working life as a steel fixer by trade
He worked hard though a good living for himself and his family he made
On suburban building sites in his working life never unemployed
That he earned his living to him a source of pride
In his red brick one bedroom unit he lives on his own
Of the happy and sad times of life he has known
Five years ago to cancer he lost his wife
She was his soulmate and the great love of his life
His hair that was brown it is now silver gray
And physically he has known of a far better day.

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