Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Old Champion

A famous athlete of the long ago
But time as is said becomes everyone's foe
A man in his prime in the big town everyone of did know
The passing of time has left John walking slow

In his prime years as a young athlete
Against the Nation's best with success he did compete
The legendary sporting hero of many a big foot race
With his wife Ann in the park walking at a slow pace

That years do take toll on the body in truth one can say
Grandparents in their mid eighties they have known of a better day
The sports fans of the town have a new sporting hero to fete
A national champion in his mid twenties who is very quick on his feet

The old champion is now just a memory of the past
A mere shadow of the man who used to run fast
In the park walking slowly with his aged wife
And of this one only can say such is life.

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