Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Those Who Are Not Remembered

The Worldwide half of the human population suppose one must forgive
If they do not seem to realize how the poorer half live
Only the compassionate of those who were never hungry or homeless would feel sympathy
For those who are living in dire poverty

And yet millions of people in life are doing it tough
Hungry and homeless and sleeping rough
Homeless as teenagers they struggle to survive
Against the gods of bad circumstance they constantly strive

The people who live on the brink of despair
Without a shadow of a doubt life to them is not fair
Some of them the Reaper of lives has denied
When they end their own lives in the act of suicide

How those in dire poverty do live most of the well to do would not realize
Though this in itself is not any surprise
The homeless and hungry many of them die young
Those who are not remembered and remain as unsung.

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