Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Without Asking You Always Tell Me

Without asking you always tell me of how marvelous you are
Of your grand home in the leafy suburb and you big new motor car
Of your lovely wife and clever children your life seems one big success
Though doubtless you have many admirers i am one not easy to impress
Your many big business successes for me do not do a thing
Though many for your material successes do admire you and your praises love to sing
Material success one of the in things of the Human World of Today
Money does speak every language as the wise are known to say
With the town's top business people you are one who does compare
One of the town's wealthiest people a known multi millionaire
And though i know of your material successes and i only wish you well
On your way to your next million of your latest success me why tell?
Of the size of your home and your swimming pool and your brand new motor car
Since i already know about you and of how marvelous you are.

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