Friday, January 13, 2017

Young Dennis

Young Dennis is an ordinary bloke
Likes the grog and tobacco smoke
Ordinary in every way
To his detriment some who do know him say

Respectable women think him quite rude
Since his approach to them is crude
Especially with a few too many to drink
When he speaks before he does think

Of finding love he has not one hope in hell
Since his chat up lines do not serve him well
Of his sexual encounters he has only stories to tell
Of his half hour sexual encounters at the local brothel

Pleasure that for lots of money he must part
Though his visits to the brothel will never leave him with a lovesick heart
Yet a handsome looking bloke of him one can say
He would do better with women if he could give the grog away

Dennis a randy young bloke
Likes his drink and likes his smoke
In the prime of his life at twenty five
Full of life and sexual drive

Yet by nubile females not a sought after young male of the town
Since in his chat up lines he leaves himself down
Women do find him quite rude
As his approach to them is far too crude.

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