Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Young Ted

Young Ted thinks he is a gift to the town's young women but most of the town's young women do not see it this way
Since he is not handsome and charming and is quite arrogant of him one can say
Linda his latest girlfriend to have dumped him says his ego is too big for his head
He is an egotistical fellow humility in him is long dead
At twenty six years of age in the prime of his life
He does not have a partner or never had a wife
With his mates in the pub of his sexual conquests he does like to brag
For egotism he is one who does carry the flag
One of his biggest problems is when a few beers he does drink
He always seems to talk before he does think
To go with his big ego he has a big mouth
In a derogatory manner his ex girl friends he talks about
One reason local young women of him do not wish to know
The seeds of his own bad karma he does sow.

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