Friday, February 10, 2017

A Known To Be A Respectable Family Man

A known to be a respectable family man the multi millionaire
Who with his family and wife in church do kneel in prayer
It is by people like him many are inspired
A pillar of his community and greatly admired

Devoted and faithful to his wife or so we are told
But all that does glitter is not always gold
The near perfect males of the World are quite few
But as human nature goes this is nothing new

In truth i have never met a living saint
And as rare as hen's teeth is the one without taint
Some people are not what we make them out to be
Those who have fooled many have also fooled me

What you see with your eyes do not always believe
In love and in money men are known to deceive
Some men their natural flaws are quite good to disguise
That some people are not what they seem i have come to realize

The wealthy and religious man that so many did laud
Out on bail for the court to face charges of fraud
And from his devoted wife another secret he did hide
That for years he was having lots of sex on the side.

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