Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jerome Brosnan

The life in us as we do age becomes like a flickering ember
And life's a journey that does end for all of us a last December
The Reaper of lives from all of us the gift of live eventually does sever
Jerome Brosnan quite a decent man is home in Kanturk forever

He loved his wife the late Kitty and his children a man like him inspiring
The Jerome Brosnans of the World are people worth admiring
The one who is at peace with self is at peace with all others
And does realize us human beings are all sisters and brothers

He had his good days and his bad in life there is joy and sorrow
And it is sad to think for him that there is no tomorrow
He always seemed calm and relaxed and never in a hurry
Yet for anyone life does not go by without some little worry

In his early eighties one of life who made the most of living
He was a good and honest man in his ways kind and giving
The farewell bell has rung for him his life's journey has ended
But Jerome will be remembered by all he has befriended

Jerome Brosnan lived an honorable life one who believed in sharing
He truly was a gentleman hard working, kind and caring
He will be missed in Macroom and Millstreet and he rests at home in Kanturk in Duhallow
One who left a legacy of good example for all others for to follow.

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