Tuesday, February 21, 2017

John Van Heurck

It never will be out of date or never out of fashion
In most humans there is the need for this thing known as passion
His passion is for tin whistling it does mean so much to him
For the effort he puts in to it none i know of none to outdo him

To travel hundreds of kilometers to a whistling session to him not any worry
To make it home from Kathy Baulch's before nightfall he does have to hurry
A return journey of six hundred kilometers desire is such a strong feeling
This is something that most people would not find in any way appealing

One who does not feel overconfident a trait in him worth admiring
In a human world where many feel arrogant and egotistical i do find this inspiring
Far too many in the world today who are anything but humble
With even the least bit of success their egos start to rumble

To travel far as he does to most would be too tall an order
But on his passion for tin whistling he does not place a border
To him playing music is more than fun it is a strong devotion
One who is humble in his ways and not into self promotion.

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