Saturday, February 11, 2017


A beautiful evening in early February
In Moyjil overlooking the Pacific sea
To the descendants of the Dreamtime of the Jundijtmara race
Moyjil is and will always be a sacred place
Overlooking the Bluehole where the waters of the Hopkins into the Pacific does flow
Of the legends and stories of this beautiful place of few seem to know
Where Warrnambool's first people hunted and fished up to two centuries ago
That their ghosts do still live there may even be so
To earthly utopia Moyjil must be near
Where the mewing of the silver gulls and the rumbling of the ocean is all one does hear
A place of great beauty on the high ground that to many is known
Moyjil does have a quiet charm of it's own
A place that was old even in the Dreamtime
Moyjil that has inspired song, story and rhyme.

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