Saturday, February 25, 2017

Of A Life After Bodily Death

Our childhood years and our teenage years pass quickly as well as our lives prime
And eventually we all become victims of time
The lives journeys we are all on for all come to an end
Since we are born as mortals why otherwise pretend

Of a life for the soul after bodily death it is not for me to say
You will not find the answer to this where dead people lay
In the cemeteries of the World the silence is profound
And the answer to life after death in such places not to be found

Of those who believe in a life after bodily death there are quite a few
They are quite entitled on this to their point of view
But we only believe on what we want to believe in happens to be true
And what you want to believe in is all up to you

Of a life after bodily death i am not arrogant enough to say the answer i do know
And on this my wonder it only does grow
I only know for a fact that my body will die
And as is said of fact it does never lie.

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