Tuesday, February 21, 2017

One Of Few Words

He is one of few words he never speaks loud
The only silent one in the noisy crowd
Yet it is true that the person with little to say
Is one who does learn from life every day

Non patriotic i have never seen him wave the national flag
Nor of self he is one who ever does brag
In word or in deed he never puts anyone down
He is one of the kindest on his side of the town

He is not a member of any sporting or social club
And he is seldom seen in the local pub
Yet one willing to help those of helping in need
And for his future good karma he plants the good seed

A tribe-less young man his kind often are
He does not drive around in a fancy car
His own praises you do never hear him sing
Just a kind hearted fellow who does his own thing

The life of a party he may never be
But he is a credit to his kin and his family
Since he is willing to help anyone of helping in need
The quiet man of the crowd is a good man indeed.

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