Thursday, February 2, 2017

Poor James Clarence Mangan

Though he lived and died in poverty he remains as one of literary note
Poor James Clarence Mangan the great Irish poet
One who did not have children or a partner or wife
He died of tuberculosis in eighteen forty nine on his forty sixth year of life
In the famine years in Ireland when many of malnutrition died
Poor James Clarence Mangan the poet did not have luck on his side
Many of the poems he did write are famous today
With words the master wordsmith he did have a way
To live poor and hungry was his reward for literary fame
Yet in Ireland his lives as a great poetic name
Of reading his great poems one could never tire
Masterpieces such as Dark Rosaleen, A Vision Of Connaught and O Husseys Ode To The Maguire
One of Ireland's all time great poets as most would agree
Yet he died as he lived in extreme poverty.

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