Thursday, February 16, 2017

Rathduane's Big Con Dineen

The days of the tug of war or the rope pull in Ireland may be in the long gone
But old memories die hard they seem to linger on
At carnivals or festivals the rope pull was always the highlight of the day
Good memories of what was till death with us will stay

I remember the rope pull in the carnival in Millstreet
Where the best in Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra to test their strength against each other did compete
Ballydaly a champion rope pulling team had their anchor man in Big Con Dineen
A stronger individual than he was i have never seen

With strong men struggling to hold their ground in the Town Park of Millstreet
Ballydaly's anchor man Big Con Dineen held firm on his feet
A barrel chested broad shouldered giant of a man he refused to give in
One reason that Ballydaly at tug of war so many trophies did win

A humble man who always left it to others his praises to sing
Quite famous in Cork and Kerry when rope pulling was an in thing
For his natural strength Rathduane's Big Con Dineen was one who became widely known
And the people of Ballydaly were proud to claim him for their own

With him as the rope anchor to win the money on Ballydaly was on
For he was as strong as two strong men the colossus Con
Till time that rusts iron too became his foe
The mighty man Rathduane's Big Con Dineen he died years ago.

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