Monday, February 13, 2017

Seems A Shame

It can be said of Donald J Trump he is no wilting flower
Seems a shame that one wealthy arrogant human being should command such great power
To back in the dark ages his sort of thinking belong
Many will tell you his elevation to his Country's top job is democracy gone wrong
Democracy on some occasions has been known for to fail
If i said some of the things Donald J Trump has said about people i would be locked up in jail
Or are we in an age when rudeness from so called great leaders is an acceptable thing
The praises of the wealthy narcissistic egotistical far too many willing to sing
In a Human World where xenophobia, sexism, homophobia and racism is becoming rife
Far too many in positions of power are showing only disrespect for the sacredness of human life
Patriotism, culture and fear of difference as well as national pride
And culture and religion sadly nowadays people only divide
And i am not alone in my thinking when i say i struggle to understand
How a badly flawed person such as Donald J Trump could be democratically elected as the President of such a great Land.

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